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06 FEB 2012 Award winning filmmaker captures OccupySong performance at Occupy Congress!

04 FEB 2012 FREE DOWNLOAD: OccupySong

02 FEB 2012 Check out this poem I wrote on a bus while suffering from Insomnia!

17 FEB 2010 Check out Joe's latest light letters at his illuminated manuscript: Insomnia!

15 FEB 2010 Read Joe's poetic elegy for the late, great Howard Zinn.

14 FEB 2010 Check out Joe's informative biography of 19th Century sex magician Paschal Beverly Randolph on the latest Disinformation World News podcast.

11 FEB 2010 Listen to Joe discuss architecture, analog recording and ancient Egypt on Nashville Public Radio!

27 Jul 2009 Check out Joe's ongoing discussion about Anarchism in Greece amidst the burning letters at Insomnia!

27 Jul 2009 Joe will play Nashville's Downtown Presbyterian Church during the First Saturday Gallery Crawl on Saturday, August 1 at 6:30 p.m. See the Facebook event and add Joe as a friend!

23 Jun 2009 Joe will play the Firefly Fine Arts Festival on Friday, June 26 at 1:30 p.m. Find out more!

23 Jun 2009 Read Joe's latest blog post Neda/Nada: A message to the people of Iran and the people who love them; echoing through a waking dream in a place called Insomnia!

20 Jun 2009 Joe will play the Summer Solstice Celebration in Red Boiling Springs, TN tonight at 5 p.m. Find out more!

17 Jun 2009 Check out Joe Nolan on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace

1 Jun 2009 Joe will play the Kalamazoo Public Library Art Hop on Friday, June 5 at 6 p.m. Find out more!

1 Jun 2009 Read Joe's latest prose/poem Reflections on an Aerial Photograph of a City by a River. It's written in white-electric flames in a place called Insomnia!

1 JUN 2009 Joe will play a Short Set at The Family Wash in East Nashville on Tues, June 2 at 9 p.m. Be there!

14 OCT 2008 Joe's new CD Blue Turns Black is now available everywhere!

13 OCT 2008 Check out the latest installment of the Sleepless Film Festival featuring master of horror Tod Browning!

11 OCT 2008 Listen to every song on Joe's new CD - Blue Turns Black at the place where dreams are replaced by letters of light: Insomnia

11 OCT 2008 Joe's song - REvolution - is featured on Episode 2 of the Quadriplegic Acrobat Radio podcast.

07 MAR 2005 New "Demo" section on the Jukebox! Also, join the discussion of Love, Freedom and Insomnia!

20 NOV 2004 New "Live" section on the Jukebox!

15 Oct 2004 The best blog ever? - "Limbs and Virginity"

1 Oct 2004 Music streams and downloads now available on the jukebox!

11 Sept 2004 (Lebanon, TN)
Nashville Folk Festival!

Check out the new poetry section and the latest blog!

Buy Joe's music directly from us!

16 Jun 2004 (Chattanooga, TN)
Riverbend Festival!

Check out new blog entries in the thoughts section!

09 Apr 2004 (Denver, CO)
8:00pm - Live at Swallow Hill

10 Apr 2004 (Boulder, CO)
TBA - Live at University of Colorado

15 Apr 2004 (Northfield, MN)
9:00 pm (with an opening act) - Live at Carleton College's "The Cave"

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