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Growing Up In America

Ok. Seriously. This is the last radical, Detroit blog post for awhile. I’m going to look for something completely inconsequential to follow this up with. I actually have a particular album release anniversary in mind and at least one book on my coffee table that’s begging me for a review. But, for now, here’s one [...]

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Ten for Two

Continuing down the radical Detroit rock ‘n’ roll rabbit hole I stumbled into last week, here’s another John Sinclair-centric post. As a refresher, here are a few words from Michigan Today: John Sinclair, born in 1941 to an autoworker’s family in the little town of Davison, Michigan, took his B.A. in American literature from the [...]

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City Lights at 60

When Gutenberg created the printing press humanity took a massive leap in literacy, social equality and political democracy. It’s hard to imagine in this day of tablet phones and digital literature, but after World War II the American paperback created a revolution of its own: it made books available for cheap and made publishing possible [...]

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Celebrating Ginsberg

Following last month’s release of The Essential Ginsberg and the author’s June 3 birthday, here is the impressionistic biography An Elegy for Allen Ginsberg which tells the story of the Allen Ginsberg’s life from the point of view of his final days… Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I archive all of the videos [...]

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Beiles And The Beats

Continuing our celebration of National Poetry Month, here are some words about South African poet Sinclair Beiles: Beiles was associated at-a-distance with the Beat Generation, but you have to get a little deeper into their mythology before you find his mark. Beiles was primarily a surrealist poet who was also known for his collaborations with [...]

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Gallery-Going with W.S.B.

Another post celebrating the William S. Burroughs centenary, this video is a fascinating document of the man himself visiting a gallery show of his own paintings on paper at Galerie Waschsalon in Frankfurt, Germany. Here, we see Burroughs accompanied by Udo Breger and Burrough’s man Friday, James Grauerholz. Breger is a writer and publisher who [...]

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Leonard Cohen’s Heroes

My last post about Leonard Cohen’s early recordings has me excited to curate this conversation about someone we all seem to care so much about. Leonard’s not everyone’s bag and it’s really wonderful to see so many folks interested in the man’s complex, felt lyricism. Not sure if I can find more unique documents to [...]

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Miles on Burroughs

British author Barry Miles is a prolific chronicler of the counterculture. He’s authored books about Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, and the Ramones. The Beat Hotel is the definitive account of the Beat Generation in Paris and his coffee table volume Hippie captures 60′s flower power in full color. Miles’ 1993 biography [...]

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Beat. Bad. Baraka!

Writer Amiri Baraka was born Everett Leroi Jones in 1934, but changed his name in 1961. Baraka’s poetry included insightful and incendiary critiques of social mores and politics during a time when the American way of life at home and at work, in the bedroom and the boardroom and at the ballot box was being [...]

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Psychedelic All-Star Team

The Avengers, the Justice League, the X-Men, the Village People — everybody loves an all-star team. We can’t imagine a world without Reed, Susan, Johnny and Ben in cahoots, and it should come as no surprise that the same yearning to join forces with the best of one’s peers would find its expression in the [...]

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