Not So Plain Jane

Hola brothers and sisters. It’s a lovely day here in the Old South and I wanted to take a minute to share some good news. Since the recent release of the newly-remastered Plain Jane CD, The Hawk is My Brother has received nearly as many orders for it as we have for my latest project, [...]

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Welcome, one and all to the annual St. Patrick’s Day edition of Insomnia! Every year I enjoy using this forum to present us – one and all – with a greeting of sorts on this, the yearly Wearing of the Green. On with it: HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! THIS IS YOUR DRINK: THIS IS YOUR [...]

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Deep and Crisp and Even

Hey all and all and then some, Really feeling the spirit today. Was recently, nearlyreduced to tears of joy hearing “Feliz Navidad” at thebean aisle in Kroger. Check out this performance of the song, live in Denmark in 1973.Hippest caroling ever! Regardless of your religio/mystico/philosophical relationship to the world without and within, this season really [...]

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Origami Gunship

Seasons Greetings…and a new poem… Mobile post sent by MightyJoeNolan using Utterli.  Replies.  mp3 ___________________________________________________________ Use this player to listen to my new CD. Purchase a song or two at your favorite digital outlet and help us stay awake here at Insomnia! Find the archives to my Sleepless Film Festival, and more at my You Tube channel: [...]

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Devil's Advocate: First Impressions of Antichrist

Hey all, Just returned from seeing Lars von Trier’s new film Antichrist. For those of you who may not be up to speed regarding this flick, it is a disturbing film peppered with very graphic sexual/violent images. It was both panned and praised at Cannes earlier this year. Here is the breakdown from IMDB: A [...]

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Sing a New Song

Yo and what up, homestyle… Just a quick word to the wise-up… I’ve been cyber-collaborating with Jean Paul Lilliston, working on my new CD, The Wicked. I’ve had some technical difficulties as of late, so we decided to try cutting some vocals over the phone. I cued up the song (sans vocals)and put on my [...]

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I Remember Jacques de Molay

Bonjour et bonsoir, mes amis, Welcome back to another post-it note here where the photons do glow. Just wanted to drop a few lines about Friday the 13th. Fridays and the number 13 have been characterized by negative superstitions since before The Da Vinci Code was published. Long known as a kind of “day of [...]

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Our Somnambulant Republic

Hola, mi amigos As promised, here is a new post offering up some more goodies that spilled over the edges of my latest installment of Insomnia for the Disinformation World News podcast. Thanks to Raymond and Joe for putting up with two rather lengthy segments on a subject that is as vast as the Earth [...]

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Invitation and Farewell

Amigos y amigas, Bienvenido a la Nada. “I had a friend who believed in UFO’s” This grey morning Iwalk between the cracks. Backto the seen of the crime:the true, original vision. This grey morning Isteer into the current,escaping the tangled embrace of morningtraffic and autumn trees and sallow light in the mistlike a kiss speaking [...]

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I Like Iron Mike

Hello small babies, God bless us every one. So last night I had the pleasure of enjoying the new Mike Tyson documentary, Tyson. Tyson is directed by James Toback, one of the most eccentric, challenging directors working today. This is Toback’s first doc, but Tyson explores themes of sexuality, racism, madness and drug use that [...]

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