Going, Going, Gonzo!

Fear and Loathing On the Road to Hollywood is a documentary featuring writer Hunter S. Thompson and artist Ralph Steadman on a road trip to Tinsel Town. Also known as Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision, the Documentary Heaven site has the skinny… A fascinating, 30 year old BBC documentary on the Good Doctor and Ralph [...]

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Everyday Acid

While the news is full of the novel progress being made on the marijuana liberation front, L.S.D. is also making inroads into the mainstream via the same scientific settings where the acid was born — hell, the psychedelic substance even has its own Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the words from the Irish Examiner… A crowd funding [...]

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The Predictions of Philip K. Dick

Here’s another post that deals in the dubious doings of failed prophecy… In 1981, Philip K. Dick seemed to cast himself as one of the Precogs from Minority Report when he offered a list of his own prognostications to be published in the collection Book of Predictions. Here’s what PKD saw when he stared into [...]

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Prophecy Fail

We hear the term “cognitive dissonance” thrown around a lot, but the phrase is often misapplied. It’s easy to understand what CD means when you know the strange story behind the origin of the phrase. Here’s the skinny from Slate… The most famous study into doomsday mix-ups was published in a 1956 book by renowned [...]

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Doomsday Dogs

Whether your think artificial intelligence is fact or fiction, the beginning of a brave new world or the end of this one, for many of Japan’s robot dog owners, doomsday has already come in the form of the end of the production of their really remarkable canine companions. Here’s the lowdown from RT Daily News… [...]

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For today’s post here’s a hilarious recording of HST calling the AV company that installed his new DVD player. This is priceless. This is also NSFW. Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I archive all of the videos I curate at Insomnia. Click here to check out more Counter Culture posts.

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Dérive: Gallatin Pike

We don’t always appreciate the beauty we’re surrounded by during these busy days. It’s easy to overlook the strange and wonderful in our own neighborhoods, cities and local countrysides. But the truth is there are strange and compelling scenes all around us if we only have eyes to see them. Many of us who are [...]

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War on Whistleblowers

I enjoyed watching the Oscars the other night — it’s silly and stilted, the jokes bomb and the music sucks. That said, I love movies and there are always at least a few flicks in the mix that are brilliant or moving or both. The best film I saw last year was Birdman, and while [...]

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Black Moon Risin’

On Wednesday afternoon my Facebook wall began to light-up with the frantic news that outsider musician and Nashvillian par-excellence, Dave Cloud, was in an intensive care unit as a result of his battle with cancer. The news came out of nowhere for most of the rocker’s friends and admirers and yesterday’s announcement of his death [...]

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Tahiti’s Third Sex

This weekend I watched a documentary about a group of pioneering Germans who tried to create a Utopian society on an island in the Gallapagos chain. Like many Utopian experiments this one devolved into tragedy. The film lead my girlfriend and I down a rabbit hole about the impact that other settlers and British imperialism [...]

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