Brion Gysin Speaks

Brion Gysin is one of my favorite painters and his writing is an undervalued commodity. A counterculture fixture, Gysin is best known for his cut-up collaborations with William S. Burroughs and his role in creating the Dream Machine. Here is Gysin live in London in 1982, lecturing on the possibilities of teaching creativity. Gysin dives [...]

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New Derek Jarman Documentary

From the 1970′s through the 1990′s, Derek Jarman was the at the bleeding edge of experimental film-making in Britain. Two decades after his death, the man behind Caravaggio and The Garden is the subject of a new documentary by Andy Kimpton-Nye. The film features Tilda Swinton, Peter Tatchell and Tariq Ali. Here’s a few words [...]

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Death of a Conspiracy Theorist

Michael C. Ruppert’s From the Wilderness website was a go-to source for me when I was more than a little bit obsessed with conspiracy theories. Ruppert’s research uncovered lots of connections between the C.I.A. and the crack cocaine epidemic and his film Collapse and its companion book, Confronting Collapse, both offered a chilling summing-up of [...]

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Lucifer’s Children

The U.F.O. cult Unarius is a predictably weird organization with a less-predictable relationship to cinema that makes them a documentarian’s dream. HP explains… …members believe that humans have been reincarnated many many times on this planet and others. When watching a movie like “Star Wars,” Unarius members also believe that they’re actually seeing a recording [...]

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Hallucinogenic Honey Hunting

These Nepalese honey hunters go to great lengths to harvest the honey of the giant Himalayan bees. During one month of the year, the bees make honey from a hallucinogenic variety of rhododendron, making this a prized and rare treat among these honey hunters. This whole exercise is outrageously risky and if you’re afraid of [...]

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Urbex Art: Detroit

I lived in the City of Detroit, MI for the first decade of my life and I stayed in southern Michigan until I left for the South in the early 1990′s. Detroit has had a bad reputation for one reason or another my whole life, but I’ve always had the love for that place that [...]

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Austin Spare: Chaos and Cats

Austin Osman Spare was many people including both an enfant terrible in the London art world at the beginning of the 20th century, and one of the pioneering forerunners of contemporary occultism. Wiki has the basics… Visionary artist and mystic Austin Osman Spare, who was briefly a member of Aleister Crowley’s A∴A∴ but later broke [...]

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Farrakhan Warns of U.F.O. Attack

I first reported on Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s UFO eschatology way back in Coincidence Control Network: Episode 2. For the uninitiated, Farrakhan claims to believe that there is an extraterrestrial (kind of) Mother Wheel or Mother Plane that is preparing to rain destruction down on white America if the U.S. doesn’t straighten its [...]

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Stoned Science with Neil Degrasse Tyson

Scanning the news cycle this week, I’m mostly finding stories about marijuana legalization and science. As the national debate about liberating weed continues in states and communities around the country, I’m also discovering lots of fan and critic reviews about Neil Degrasse Tyson’s reboot of the Cosmos television series. The internet — Oh great crucible! [...]

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Agent Cooper’s “Diane” Tapes

For fans of David Lynch’s classic cult TV show, Twin Peaks, the secrets of the Black Lodge and the Log Lady’s prophecies hold an endless fascination. But, in a show full of dark mysteries, the relationship between agent Dale Cooper and the never-seen “Diane” may be the most intangible of them all. Lucky for us, [...]

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