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On February 4, 1974, the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped Patty Hearst. What followed depends on your point of view: Was Hearst isolated, raped and brainwashed into becoming a soldier for the army’s revolutionary cause or was she a rich brat playing revolution who would never really suffer the consequences of her actions? Maybe Guerilla: The [...]

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Dick VS Dick

When the Watergate scandal first broke, it didn’t really break at all. Initial notices about the burglary appeared in news papers but TV mostly ignored it. Of course, Woodward and Bernstein famously bit and wouldn’t let go of the story in the Washington Post, but on television Dick Cavett’s entertainment talk show became the unlikely [...]

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Keef Hunter

Took a break from the blog for about a week while I was celebrating the holidays. I’m still celebrating the holidays, but I’m also back at this illuminated scroll, revealing the secrets of the sacred and the foibles of the fearsome. And sometimes — like today — I’m just posting cool little videos like this [...]

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Happy Buckday

Today we celebrate the long strange life of actor, writer and director Buck Henry whose contributions to Saturday Night Live and scripting of The Graduate were crucial contributions to the countercultural voice that paved the way for the best of today’s contemporary comedy. Buck is 85 on December 9. Here he is discussing his twisted, [...]

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Fred’s Dead

In Chicago, on December 4, 1969 police murdered Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. Here’s The Murder of Fred Hampton… Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I archive all of the videos I curate at Insomnia. Click here to check out more Counter Culture posts.

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Pryor’s Place

I posted a notice about Richard Pryor’s birthday to my Facebook page and got enough action on it that it seemed more attention was due for the clown prince’s special day. Pryor would have been 75 this week (born December 1, 1940). Pryor started his career modelling himself on the clean style of Bill Cosby, [...]

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King Kill Kennedy

On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy was gunned-down in Dallas. More than 50 years on the event still undermines trust in government authority, and continues to fuel conspiracy theory culture like nothing else except maybe 9/11. My favorite JFK conspiracy theory is generally referred to as King Kill 33 which claims to unravel the [...]

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Back Through Heaven’s Gate

The comet Hale-Bopp was visible to the naked eye in the second half of 1996 but it disappeared into sunlight before re-emerging to the visible eye for the entirety of 1997, becoming the brightest object in the sky in the spring of that year. I remember going out night after night to spot the comet [...]

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Light Years

Keeping with yesterday’s Gen-X cult film post, here’s a French cartoon from 1988. Gandahar is an adult sci-fi adventure that finds the peaceful people of planet Gandahar teaming-up with a deformed race of mutants in order to defeat the mechanized menace of the Men of Metal This gem is a must-watch for fans of Heavy [...]

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Liquid Sky

The great hero of the 1982 cult film Liquid Sky is Anne Carlisle: Carlisle co-wrote the screenplay, plays both the male and female fashion model leads in the film, and even authored the movie’s novelization. The flick actually did well on the festival circuit after debuting in Montreal, and according to Wikipedia it was the [...]

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