Saint of Monsters

Casting about for a timely subject for today’s post, I learned a little something about one of the world’s most famous monsters. It turns out that one of the earliest reports of a creature living in Scotland’s Loch Ness originated from a sighting of the beast by a priest who’d go on to become a [...]

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Revolutionary Black Workers

In the midst of this surreal political season, with the endurance of Black Lives Matter, and having just written an article about an African American neighborhood in Nashville, I suppose it might have been expected that I’d stumble across a mention about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, but it still caught me by surprise. [...]

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Harry on Peyote

Yesterday I posted about my own new music and a Timothy Leary spoken word record that I found in a record store last week. My pal and Nashville music stalwart Steve Poulton messaged me to say he knew about the Leary record, and also to mention a Harry Smith LP of Kiowa peyote ritual music. [...]

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Dr. Acid Folk

Last weekend I started recording my fourth album at Blue Bourbon Studio in Inglewood. We tracked half the album on Sunday and we’re off to a great start. Many of the songs I’ve been playing live recently will be included, but with 12 tracks there will also be surprises. Like all of my records this [...]

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All Art is Martial Art

International Fight Week 2016 will culminate on Saturday night at UFC 200. The fight’s site has a poster-making app that I’ve been having some fun with. While I was finishing my latest installment of the Pikes Project for WPLN, I was also misusing It’s Time by writing in expected fighting captions and then attempting to [...]

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Into The Veldt

Yesterday I was thinking about all the ideas and visions and ambitions that are reshaping Nashville and other cities all over the country as suburbanites push to urban cores and gentrification becomes the only game in town. So often what we want isn’t what we need or even what we thought we wanted once we [...]

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Saint George’s Day

This week we remember losing George Carlin on June 22, 2008. I’m a student of stand-up comedy — it’s been an important influence in my own performances and I have an entire library of books about comedy, comedians and funny cinema. The only thing more terrifying than walking onto a stage with only a guitar [...]

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Blooming Finnegan’s

Happy Bloomsday! On June 16 we commemorate the calendar date of James and Nora Joyce’s first romantic date. June 16 subsequently became the date on which the events in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses take place. Joyce was an early 20th century modernist, but his wildest visions have been celebrated as psychedelic masterpieces by underground countercultures [...]

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Radical: Muhammad Ali

I’m a huge fan of combat sports. Back in the day I’d occasionally post about fights here at Insomnia, but since the blog has zeroed-in on counterculture content, only an exceptional fighter might make an appearance. Over the weekend, we lost the great Muhammad Ali. Exceptional is one of the first words one might use [...]

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Hobo Visions

John T. Davis’s 1992 documentary, Hobo, finds the BBC filmmaker tagging along with a modern day train-hopper — a Vietnam vet who goes by the hobo handle of “Beargrease.” On their travels we learn about the century old symbol system that American itinerant workers still use to communicate important information to their travelling brothers and [...]

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