Mishima Mystery

Yukio Mishima died on November 25, 1970. We’re nearly two weeks away from the anniversary of the author’s passing, but today I was reminded of the great episode about Mishima in the BBC art series Arena. I’ve been reading Mishima since my early twenties. Confessions of a Mask was the first novel I read — [...]

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Mr. Rogers’ Cold War

When I was a little kid I preferred Sesame Street and The Electric Company to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, but as an adult I’ve learned to appreciate the man’s deep caring for his audience. One thing that made Fred Rogers especially cool is that he didn’t talk down to kids — he was willing to speak [...]

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Releasing KEEPER

This Saturday I’ll be at Red Arrow Gallery in East Nashville for the opening of Jodi Hays’ new painting exhibition, Keeper. The show provides an impressionistic, diaristic profile of the people and places that shape the artist’s day-to-day life in our neighborhood. I went to a soft opening for the show tonight only to find [...]

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Justice: AI

Today I stumbled upon this BBC tech story about the latest advances in replacing lawyers using AI… Amid the dire – and somewhat overhyped – predictions of occupations that will be decimated by artificial intelligence and automation, there is one crumb of comfort. Yes, lorry drivers, translators and shop assistants are all under threat from [...]

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Crowley Outloud

I’ve got a bit of a difficult film writing assignment hanging over my head this week so rather than posting another horror film post, here’s a selection of recordings from the 1920′s and 1930′s featuring Aleister Crowley reciting occult poetry in both English as well as the Enochian language that Queen Elizabeth I’s court wizard [...]

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Orson & Andy

What happens when one oddball genius collides with another? In 1982 the legendary writer, director and actor Orson Welles was guest-hosting the Merv Griffin show when Andy Kaufman stopped by. Although the pair were from different generations, there was a lot of overlap between these titans — they were both fantastic actors, and they each [...]

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I recently finished the Manhunt: Unabomber miniseries, and I mostly liked it a lot. I’m fascinated by the story and there have been other excellent explorations of the infamous investigation so I was ambivalent about how this one would come off. Getting really picky there are moments of writing and acting — mostly with supporting [...]

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Drumpf Prophecy

Back in the day, if you were a conspiracy theory believer or if you were fascinated by the various countercultures that believe in UFOs or Bigfoot or a vast global cabal of any kind, you were in a fringe community. I’m all ears any time the subject of the JFK assassination comes up, but nowadays [...]

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Sun Songs

If you live in Nashville I know you’re excited about the total solar eclipse we’ll experience here on Monday afternoon. I’m watching the programs on a science channel and their countdown just dropped past 13 hours while I was editing the image I’m including with this post. The lion swallowing the sun seemed a good [...]

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Best West

After recent posts about Sam Shepard and Philip Seymour Hoffman it occurred to me that the pair had “True West” in common — Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize nominated play was first produced in 1980, and in the year 2000 Hoffman and John C. Reilly starred as estranged brothers Lee and Austin in another celebrated production of [...]

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