Exile on Hate Street

The news is recently filled with images of protests triggered by the murders of black teens by white police. However, reports about the similarities between these happenings and the Civil Rights protests 50 years ago are tightly controlled and focused on fantasies of reconciliation without retribution. It’s as if we’re suddenly all supposed to wake [...]

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Past Present: Virtual Reality

We’re about to be submerged in the hype surrounding Virtual Reality, but it’s important to remember that we’re witnessing the second coming of VR which began its life as a cultural artifact/technological prophecy in the 1980′s and early 1990′s. Fiction authors like William Gibson, films like Lawnmower Man and magazines like Mondo 2000, gave us [...]

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Gentleman Cybernaut

Today I have 1013 followers on Twitter, but last night I had 997. The milestone seemed like an opportunity to interact with some folks and get some help scrambling over the hump. A while back, a literary journal I review books for was in a similar position: The folks in charge of their funding were [...]

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Black Planet at 25

This year is the 25th anniversary of the release of the Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet. The ambitious concept album followed-up on the success of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. That album’s socio-political observations found the band comparing that record to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin’ On, but the [...]

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Timewave Zero!

Keeping with my recent posts on all things eschatological here is a charming-as-hell, cyberific video of Terence McKenna explaining his Timewave Zero theory. Listen closely with your third eye and draw your yarrow sticks with care… Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I archive all of the videos I curate at Insomnia. Click here to [...]

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CNN’d of The World

Yesterday I posted about the connections between evangelical Christianity and belief in the biblical End Times. While I was flipping some new stories into our {R}emnants Flipboard mag yesterday afternoon I found another story about the end of the world involving a recently-discovered video that Ted Turner had made for CNN to play when they [...]

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Amerikan Apocalypse

Religion is all fun and games until someone takes their mythology too literally and then takes it to the squad car, the pulpit or the White House. It’s fun to make fun of fundamentalism, but when it comes to The Apocalypse, these playas ain’t playin’. The Daily Beast has the bad news… It’s the end [...]

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Argentine Werewolf Adoption

Last week my girlfriend shared a link with me via Facebook chat that seemed custom-made for one of my blog posts. It concerns a faraway country, political power, folklore, religion and lycanthropy. Here’s the story from Argentina as reported by The Independent… The President of Argentina has adopted a young Jewish man as her godson [...]

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Hugh Hefner Lives!

Last night, I was feeling sleepy, thinking about hitting the hay. Out of nowhere my girlfriend told me that Hugh Hefner had died — she was surfing the internet on her phone. “Damn, Hugh Hefner is dead. The end of an era,” I thought. The truth is that Hugh Hefner was likely the last victim [...]

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A Sun Ra Christmas

Hope everybody is enjoying their holidays with friends and family, safe travels, delicious food and the surprises that the season might bring. Speaking of surprises, it seems that Sun Ra celebrated Christmas. Here’s another surprise — he broadcast his celebration on the radio. Here’s the skinny from Open Culture… Everybody spreads holiday cheer in their [...]

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