Googling the Loch Ness Monster

Ever wish you could go on a real-life monster hunt for the legendary Nessie? Now Google Maps offers the next best thing with their immersive mapping of the legendary Scottish loch. Search for yourself and see if you can be the person to unlock the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. In honor of this [...]

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Bicycle Day, 2015

Happy Bicycle Day! Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I archive all of the videos I curate at Insomnia. Click here to check out more Counter Culture posts.

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Yeats and the Faeries Yeats and the Faeries

Continuing our focus on National Poetry Month, here’s an interesting presentation about the great Irish poet W.B. Yeats and his preoccupations with the occult and the folk mythology of Ireland. R F Foster is a renowned Yeats expert. He’s the author of Words Alone: Yeats and his Inheritances. In this video Foster touches upon Yeats’s [...]

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Five years ago, on April 15, we lost author and activist Jack Herer. If his name isn’t familiar, the fruits of his labor certainly are. The changing tides regarding marijuana and hemp legislation along with the fault lines that are currently cracking through the edifice of the War on Drugs all owe their contemporary roots [...]

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Worst Party Ever

On this day in 1846, the Donner Party set off on their infamous journey from Illinois to California. By February the following year the party would be rescued from their frozen hell in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, embedding their story of ambition, madness and cannibalism in the American psyche forever… Stay Awake! Please subscribe to [...]

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Going, Going, Gonzo!

Fear and Loathing On the Road to Hollywood is a documentary featuring writer Hunter S. Thompson and artist Ralph Steadman on a road trip to Tinsel Town. Also known as Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision, the Documentary Heaven site has the skinny… A fascinating, 30 year old BBC documentary on the Good Doctor and Ralph [...]

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Everyday Acid

While the news is full of the novel progress being made on the marijuana liberation front, L.S.D. is also making inroads into the mainstream via the same scientific settings where the acid was born — hell, the psychedelic substance even has its own Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the words from the Irish Examiner… A crowd funding [...]

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The Predictions of Philip K. Dick

Here’s another post that deals in the dubious doings of failed prophecy… In 1981, Philip K. Dick seemed to cast himself as one of the Precogs from Minority Report when he offered a list of his own prognostications to be published in the collection Book of Predictions. Here’s what PKD saw when he stared into [...]

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Prophecy Fail

We hear the term “cognitive dissonance” thrown around a lot, but the phrase is often misapplied. It’s easy to understand what CD means when you know the strange story behind the origin of the phrase. Here’s the skinny from Slate… The most famous study into doomsday mix-ups was published in a 1956 book by renowned [...]

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Doomsday Dogs

Whether your think artificial intelligence is fact or fiction, the beginning of a brave new world or the end of this one, for many of Japan’s robot dog owners, doomsday has already come in the form of the end of the production of their really remarkable canine companions. Here’s the lowdown from RT Daily News… [...]

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