For today’s post here’s a hilarious recording of HST calling the AV company that installed his new DVD player. This is priceless. This is also NSFW. Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I archive all of the videos I curate at Insomnia. Click here to check out more Counter Culture posts.

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Dérive: Gallatin Pike

We don’t always appreciate the beauty we’re surrounded by during these busy days. It’s easy to overlook the strange and wonderful in our own neighborhoods, cities and local countrysides. But the truth is there are strange and compelling scenes all around us if we only have eyes to see them. Many of us who are [...]

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War on Whistleblowers

I enjoyed watching the Oscars the other night — it’s silly and stilted, the jokes bomb and the music sucks. That said, I love movies and there are always at least a few flicks in the mix that are brilliant or moving or both. The best film I saw last year was Birdman, and while [...]

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Black Moon Risin’

On Wednesday afternoon my Facebook wall began to light-up with the frantic news that outsider musician and Nashvillian par-excellence, Dave Cloud, was in an intensive care unit as a result of his battle with cancer. The news came out of nowhere for most of the rocker’s friends and admirers and yesterday’s announcement of his death [...]

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Tahiti’s Third Sex

This weekend I watched a documentary about a group of pioneering Germans who tried to create a Utopian society on an island in the Gallapagos chain. Like many Utopian experiments this one devolved into tragedy. The film lead my girlfriend and I down a rabbit hole about the impact that other settlers and British imperialism [...]

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Henry Ford’s Hempmobile

Henry Ford filed a patent for a plastic car on January 13, 1942. At first glance, this fact struck me a curiosity — an interesting development that could’ve been. In truth, Ford had been working with the his plastic prototypes for at least a year before filing and the “plastic” aspect of the car was [...]

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Losing the Bomb

On February 5, 1958, the United States military lost an armed hydrogen bomb off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. Why don’t you take a second to read that again — somewhere off the coast of Georgia, there is a massive bomb that’s 500 times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima. Perhaps the most [...]

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Happy Birthday, Alice!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Vincent Furnier who was born February 4, 1948. Better known as Alice Cooper, the black-clad rocker made a name for himself when he pushed the outrageousness of his proto-glam theatricality toward the macabre, becoming the primary architect of shock rock. Here’s Furnier in a Rolling Stone interview from last [...]

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Lucifer Rising

Annie Besant was a rabble rousing labor activist, a religious non-conformist, and a proto-feminist during a time before and after the turn of the 20th century when none of these preoccupations was the province of a proper English lady. I found myself looking up a documentary about Besant after finding an online catalog of Lucifer [...]

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Exile on Hate Street

The news is recently filled with images of protests triggered by the murders of black teens by white police. However, reports about the similarities between these happenings and the Civil Rights protests 50 years ago are tightly controlled and focused on fantasies of reconciliation without retribution. It’s as if we’re suddenly all supposed to wake [...]

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