Eternal Guerilla

50 years ago, in 1965, Che Guevara left his government job in Havana, Cuba, seeking out more revolution in Africa and South America. It was the rebirth of Che, The Guerilla. It was also Che’s first step toward his own death. Remembering Che and his indefatigable taste for revolt, here’s a doc about the man [...]

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Not On Purpose

It’s summer in the Southern city of Nashville, TN and that’s means we’ve been in the middle 90′s with high humidity for weeks on end. Often I try to get outside despite the heat during the summer, but it’s been a pretty chaotic season and I haven’t really had the fortitude to push back against [...]

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The Real Jacob’s Ladder

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the psycho/thriller, war flick Jacob’s Ladder. With great acting by Tim Robbins and Danny Aiello and its Francis Bacon-inspired visual effects, Jacob’s Ladder is one of those movies that takes a seemingly impossible premise and makes it feel very real. Jacob’s Ladder is a film with lots [...]

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Hash It Out With Terence McKenna

I tried to find a nifty, timely reason for posting this sweet YouTube discovery, but I’m coming up blank. Fact is, I was just screwing around online when I came across this playlist of Terence McKenna reading Fitz Hugh Ludlow’s “The Hash Eater.” “Reading” doesn’t really capture what McKenna does here: fans of the man [...]

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Prison. Drugs. Terror.

Getting started on the blog this week I was inspired by that Snowden trailer I just posted as well as an article I found while adding pages to my Flipboard magazine. Before Oliver Stone became one of the most important directors of his generation he was one of the most important screenwriters of his generation [...]

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Writing on Walls on Film

I just turned in my column for next week’s Contributor, reviewing the new DVD release of the Jean Michel Basquiat film Downtown ’81. While Style Wars is often mentioned as the first hip-hop documentary, Downtown ’81 was shot a few years earlier even though it wasn’t released until 2000. The film is actually fictional, but [...]

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Vintage John Lennon Cartoon

Recently, I was browsing through stories via Flipboard and I came across this delightful piece about a vintage animated short film based on John Lennon’s instantly recognizable cartoon doodles. Here’s a bit from the Brain Pickings site… …six years after the beloved Beatle’s assassination, Ono commissioned independent animator John Canemaker to create a short animated [...]

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Revisiting Roswell

I think the J.F.K. assassination is probably the biggest conspiracy theory of all time, and it’s probably still the one that acts as the gateway for most folks who wander the mazes of the unexplained, the unknown and the covered-up. The Roswell Incident is probably a close second contender overall and it remains the king [...]

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Sex and the Sixties

The new Psychedelic Sex book published by Taschen this spring is currently being sold on eBay for $69. That’s a silly point to make about what amounts to a seriously in-depth look at what happened to the burgeoning culture of “men’s magazines” when they ran smack into the psychedelic revolution in the 1960′s. During a [...]

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The Future Circa 1972

It’s common for folks like myself and the readers of this blog to frequent sites and browse magazines filled with articles about leaps in information processing, advances in artificial intelligence and the future of human/machine interfacing. It’s the 21st century after all, and even though many of our institutions and officials are woefully culture-bound to [...]

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