Caligula at 35

This year we celebrate the 35th anniversary of Bob Guccione’s X-rated epic, Caligula. You can watch the whole film on YouTube, but I couldn’t find a version in English or with suitable subtitles. Instead, I offer this documentary about the subject of the film. While this version lacks the T&A content that made the movie [...]

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Isaac’s Apple

Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus, figured out the composition of light, and also gave us the laws of gravity and motion which just happened to govern the entire universe at the time of their revelations. Sir Isaac Newton is considered to be the father of modern science. He was also a sorcerer. This documentary follows [...]

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Party at Worthy Farm

Today marks the anniversary of the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, first held on this day in 1970 on Michael Eavis’s family farm in Pilton, Somerset. Along with the utopian idealism of the time came an invention of the “free” music festival, a social movement based on collaboration and responsibility for one’s own expectations. [...]

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Wasted Surplus

Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers (2003) is an award-winning Swedish documentary by director Erik Gandini. Gandini’s film uses creative editing and music cues to illustrate the fundamental problems present in capitalism’s diabolical quest for ever-expanding markets in the face of ever-dwindling resources. It also questions industrialization’s promise of the liberation from labor given the ubiquitous [...]

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D&D at 40

This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons — the original role-playing game, D&D has influenced every RPG boardgame that’s come since its first publication in 1974, and D&D‘s impact on modern video games is nearly as profound. I haven’t played D&D since I passed on my secret knowledge of armor and [...]

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Tarkovsky on Youth

The masterful films of the late Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky were shot-through with a metaphysical seeking that was embodied in the auteur’s unconventional structure and intensely inventive cinematography. No less than Ingmar Bergman said of Tarkovsky: “Tarkovsky for me is the greatest, the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, [...]

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Van Sant/Burroughs

Highlighting the auteur’s earliest days as a filmmaker, this strange, instructional short video presages Gus Van Sant’s later partnerings with William S. Burroughs. Short of the Week gets the drop on The Discipline of DE… For this short, Van Sant choose a wonderful short story by William S. Burroughs (who would later appear in Drugstore [...]

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Scorsese, Sedated

When I think of the films of Martin Scorsese, I don’t think I’ve ever been reminded of the music of the late, great Ramones, but between now and 2016 it’s not likely I’ll be able to make any other connection. It’s just been announced that the great director will be telling the tale of the [...]

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Radical Sexual Mystic

Ida Craddock was a 19th century champion of free speech and women’s rights who is of particular interest to Insomnia due to the occult mysticism that permeated her voluminous, pioneering writings on human sexuality. Craddock is considered the first great hero of the sexual revolution — she can also be seen as its first martyr. [...]

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Mishima’s Mask

This year we remember the 65th anniversary of the publishing of Yukio Mishima’s first novel, Confessions of a Mask. One of my favorite writers and thinkers of all time, Mishima lived and died by the example that art and obsession can make great beauty if also a bloody tragedy. Here’s the Wiki… Mishima’s early childhood [...]

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