Leonard Cohen Acid Test

I’ll finish up three days of Leonard Cohen posts with this last gem that reminds us that it’s Cohen’s dazzling songs and intensity as a performer that have won him almost five decades of attention from music listeners with ears to hear his erotic prayers and sensual meditations on love, sex, ecstasy, women, death and [...]

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Extraordinary Madness

Got a lot of action on my Bukowski post last week, so I wanted to share another video I found. This time it’s an out-of-print BBC documentary that has some pretty unique, early footage of the man himself — stuff that I don’t think even Born Into This included. Here’s The Ordinary Madness of Charles [...]

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Medium Cool at 45

“Beyond the age of innocence…into the age of awareness,” read the caption at the top of Medium Cool‘s stylized poster when the film was released 45 years ago in 1969. The line is telling in that it speaks to the real-life events at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago that are captured in the film. [...]

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Werner’s Vampyre

We’ve just begun to experience the first cooler days in awhile here in Nashville, and the drop in temperature has put me in mind of autumn and Halloween. It’s too early for aisles of orange and black in the grocery stores, but they’ve already turned their leaves. It’s too early for costume store ads, but [...]

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Tarkovsky on Youth

The masterful films of the late Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky were shot-through with a metaphysical seeking that was embodied in the auteur’s unconventional structure and intensely inventive cinematography. No less than Ingmar Bergman said of Tarkovsky: “Tarkovsky for me is the greatest, the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, [...]

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Van Sant/Burroughs

Highlighting the auteur’s earliest days as a filmmaker, this strange, instructional short video presages Gus Van Sant’s later partnerings with William S. Burroughs. Short of the Week gets the drop on The Discipline of DE… For this short, Van Sant choose a wonderful short story by William S. Burroughs (who would later appear in Drugstore [...]

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This year we celebrate the 80th birthday of Jean Vigo’s masterpiece, L’Atalante. After attempting to make a film about a famous anarchist, Vigo rewrote the script of a romantic comedy instead, telling the story of a canal barge captain, his hapless crew and the woman he adores, loves, marries, becomes jealous of, hates, leaves and [...]

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David Lynch: Painter

While David Lynch is known for his film and television projects, he started out as a painter and has maintained a studio practice throughout his weird and wonderful career in moving images. While Lynch’s fear of being seen as a “celebrity painter” has kept him from pursuing gallery exhibitions, he’s been pleased to accept showings [...]

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Scorsese, Sedated

When I think of the films of Martin Scorsese, I don’t think I’ve ever been reminded of the music of the late, great Ramones, but between now and 2016 it’s not likely I’ll be able to make any other connection. It’s just been announced that the great director will be telling the tale of the [...]

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Of Mice and Men

When we think of Mickey Mouse we usually think of Walt Disney, but we should really be thinking of Ub Iwerks — the man who first drew the mouse and animated him to life. Here’s the Wiki… In 1922, when Walt began his Laugh-O-Gram cartoon series, Iwerks joined him as chief animator. The studio went [...]

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