Prescient Poetry

If you’re following this blog you’re probably a big fan of the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky. I love the man and his movies and last night, thanks to Antonia, we received a package from the master himself. It contained a postcard, a poster, and a hand-printed thank you note along with three bills of the [...]

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Superman is Dead

After yesterday’s post about Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four movie, my pal — and a fine comics illustrator — Ron Weaver commented on Facebook to remind me of the documentary about Tim Burton’s ill-fated Superman film starring Nicolas Cage. Another ahead of its time comics movie that never saw the light of day, Superman Lives has [...]

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Doomed on Arrival

Flipping some stories into {R}emnants yesterday, I came across some breaking superhero cinema news that immediately found me re-visiting a blog post from 2013. The story was about Roger Corman’s 1990′s Fantastic Four movie. Here’s Comic Book Resources with the breaking news followed by some of my original commentary… Fans will finally get learn exactly [...]

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Punk Rock Future Shock

With my recent posts looking back on The Clash I’m reminded of all the ways that punk rock influenced the scenes that followed it. Even if the aesthetics we associate with punk music come and go, many of the ethical ideas that punk celebrated and the DIY productivity it inspired have fueled “independent” movements in [...]

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Get Psyched

I was driving home after a gig yesterday, listening to WXNA low power FM community radio in Nashville. I heard an ad for an old movie from 1968 starring Dean Stockwell. It was called Psych-Out. Here’s my selection of key sentences from the movie’s Wiki… Psych-Out (1968) is a counterculture-era psychedelic film about hippies, psychedelic [...]

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Defining De Palma

Now that the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville is about to come back online I’m excited to see the new space and to watch films at my favorite art house again. I got an email last night confirming that the new Brian De Palma documentary, De Palma, will be screening at the Belcourt in August. DePalma [...]

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Adios, Wicker Man

The British horror film The Wicker Man (1973) is one of my favorite movies in any genre. The flick is spooky throughout, but this story of a police officer investigating a missing child case on a remote island is also funny, artful, campy and sexy, and it features a ubiquitous soundtrack that makes this macabre [...]

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Heaven Hunter

Over the weekend we lost a giant of cinema when Michael Cimino passed away on July 2 at the age of 77. Some might wince at the word “giant” to describe Cimino’s work as a writer and director, but he made two masterpieces, and his decade-ish long run between Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) and The [...]

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Making Strangelove

Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 black satire, Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb), is one of the Kubrick movies I hear Kubrick fans claim as their favorite Kubrick movie. 2001 gets a lot of votes and I love The Shining, and Strangelove is an example of the director at his [...]

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A Real Gas-s-s-s

On Friday night I was online, drinking my wine/tea beverage (3 parts soda water to red wine and a bag of hibiscus tea beverage) and looking for a good movie on TV at the same time. I flipped over to THIS and found a great 1970 post apocalyptic comedy directed by Roger Corman. Here’s the [...]

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