David Lynch: Painter

While David Lynch is known for his film and television projects, he started out as a painter and has maintained a studio practice throughout his weird and wonderful career in moving images. While Lynch’s fear of being seen as a “celebrity painter” has kept him from pursuing gallery exhibitions, he’s been pleased to accept showings [...]

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Scorsese, Sedated

When I think of the films of Martin Scorsese, I don’t think I’ve ever been reminded of the music of the late, great Ramones, but between now and 2016 it’s not likely I’ll be able to make any other connection. It’s just been announced that the great director will be telling the tale of the [...]

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Of Mice and Men

When we think of Mickey Mouse we usually think of Walt Disney, but we should really be thinking of Ub Iwerks — the man who first drew the mouse and animated him to life. Here’s the Wiki… In 1922, when Walt began his Laugh-O-Gram cartoon series, Iwerks joined him as chief animator. The studio went [...]

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Mishima’s Mask

This year we remember the 65th anniversary of the publishing of Yukio Mishima’s first novel, Confessions of a Mask. One of my favorite writers and thinkers of all time, Mishima lived and died by the example that art and obsession can make great beauty if also a bloody tragedy. Here’s the Wiki… Mishima’s early childhood [...]

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Wild Oates

Warren Oates might not be a household name in 2014, but during the golden age of the New American Cinema, Oates took iconic turns in cult classics like Cockfighter and Two-Lane Blacktop, and became the John Wayne to Sam Peckinpah’s John Ford, appearing in The Wild Bunch, Ride the High Country and Major Dundee. The [...]

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Adieu, Clown

My favorite Robin Williams’ film is Dead Poets Society, but this scene from Good Will Hunting encapsulates the man’s best work for me: Williams starts off the scene on script, but by the middle, when he mentions his late wife waking herself, farting in her sleep, he’s off and running on one of his can’t-help-it [...]

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Fantastic Forgotten

Now that Guardians of the Galaxy has secured the unbridled success of superhero films a guaranteed slot on American movie screens for the foreseeable future, I’ve been looking back to see how other comic book flicks have fared without the support of a trendy tidal wave at their backs. My favorite find is this 1994 [...]

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Jim Morrison’s HWY

45 years ago, in the summer of 1969, Jim Morrison shot his experimental film HWY in Los Angeles and in the Mojave Desert. Morrison had hitchhiked hundreds of miles in his younger days as a college student and the thumbs-up locomotion of the protagonist (played by Morrison) at the center of HWY finds the director/actor [...]

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Paul Thomas Anderson VS Thomas Pynchon

This week Paul Thomas Anderson — the greatest American director of his generation? — announced his latest project since The Master. Here’s the early word from Cinema Blend… When you think of Paul Thomas Anderson and the compact but rich filmography he possesses, words like “intense,” “poetic,” and even “tragic” all seem to do the [...]

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Stanley Kubrick on the Moon

Yesterday we marked the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and today we’re reminded of the first human footprints on the lunar surface. What may have been a “small step for man” may have been an epic studio production for cinematic sorcerer Stanley Kubrick. According to researcher Jay Weidner, we actually landed on the [...]

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