Banned in Russia

Growing up during the second half of the Cold War, when I was a child the Soviet Union was notable for two reasons: nuclear weapons and censorship. That’s about all I really knew: the Russians and citizens of their satellites can’t read or watch or print what they want. Also they have enough warheads to [...]

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Alan’s Angel Angle

Reading some stories on Flipboard the other morning, I came across this piece about Alan Parker’s Mickey Rourke, Robert DeNiro and Lisa Bonet film, Angel Heart. Check out this headline: ALAN PARKER’S ANGEL HEART IS ASTONISHING AS HELL Obviously I had to flip this to find later and post here for y’all. Here’s a bit [...]

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Horror Europa

It’s only the middle of September, and in the South it still mostly feels like summer outside. By the time I’m driving to the gym in the morning it’s probably going to still feel muggy and hot. There’s talk of a cold front, but the last cold front barely broke before we were back in [...]

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Boss Bruce

Yesterday’s post celebrated the David Lynch film Blue Velvet‘s 30th anniversary, but today I wanted to take a second to note that 2016 also marks the 45th anniversary of Fists of Fury — the Bruce Lee action film originally titled The Big Boss when it was released overseas in 1971. The movie was the first [...]

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Smith & Lynch

I’ve been seeing a lot of old David Lynch posts popping up as Facebook “Memories” lately, and I was reminded that we’re still celebrating the 30th anniversary of that strange, sad, scary and sensational film, Blue Velvet. It looks like we’ll be getting a new doc about Lynch and his visual art practice soon, but [...]

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Harold and Baud

As technology becomes smaller, smarter and more ubiquitous, questions about machine sentience and artificial intelligence are as common today as inquiries about long term climate change or global economic forecasts — we know it’s coming, but when? Of course science fiction is where a lot of these anxieties get worked out and recent films like [...]

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How To: Naked Lunch

This past Sunday night Anne and I went to the American Legion hall down the street from our place to see Marshall Allen and James Harrar perform Soloriens Native Unity Tetrad. The performance was booked by Chris Davis’ avant garde FMRL production which is bringing Nashville some of the deepest and edgiest performance events in [...]

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Gene Gone Wilder

I was bummed to find out that Gene Wilder died on Monday. Wilder hasn’t been on our screens in years, but I grew up during the actor’s run with Mel Brooks, and I’ll never forget watching Stir Crazy on my uncle’s Betamax machine. I watched Wilder’s iconic turn as Willy Wonka continuously as a preteen, [...]

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Prescient Poetry

If you’re following this blog you’re probably a big fan of the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky. I love the man and his movies and last night, thanks to Antonia, we received a package from the master himself. It contained a postcard, a poster, and a hand-printed thank you note along with three bills of the [...]

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Superman is Dead

After yesterday’s post about Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four movie, my pal — and a fine comics illustrator — Ron Weaver commented on Facebook to remind me of the documentary about Tim Burton’s ill-fated Superman film starring Nicolas Cage. Another ahead of its time comics movie that never saw the light of day, Superman Lives has [...]

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