Nashville Film Festival 2

I stuck to shorts again on Monday, checking out the Grow Up Already program of narrative films in the afternoon. Overall these coming-of-age movies were super impressive — DamiĆ  Serra’s “On The Roof” features a cast of great young actors dealing with sexuality, bullying and the personal dynamics that can become complicated and even violent [...]

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Nashville Film Festival 1

I’ll be posting about the Nashville Film Festival this week — the event got underway this past Thursday afternoon. I saw a number of films before the fest for my annual preview I write for The Contributor. On Thursday I went to pick up my credentials, and was able to score a ticket for the [...]

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New Wave Michigan Cannibals

Antonia recently turned me on to Cecelia Condit’s amazing New Wave cannibal opera from 1983. Here’s some information I found at Metro Times about Possibly in Michigan … Possibly In Michigan is an operatic fairytale about cannibalism in Middle America. A masked man stalks a woman through a shopping mall and follows her home. In [...]

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Ciao, Chuck

George Clooney made a remarkable directorial debut fifteen years ago when he helmed the biopic of Gong Show creator Chuck Barris. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is based on Barris’ autobiography of the same name. The film is remarkable for Sam Rockwell’s portrayal of Barris, Clooney’s use of in-camera effects that mirror the kind of [...]

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Overlooking The Shining

Every now and then I try to make my list of the ten best films of all time, but the best I’ve been able to do is to come up with my favorite films by my favorite directors. Stanley Kubrick has lots of great movies, and they’re all worth watching over and over again. That [...]

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Celebrating Pop

Iggy Pop released Post Pop Depression last year, claiming that it would be his last album. Next month, Pop celebrates his 70th birthday. Unlike with his buddy Bowie, we have a chance to celebrate Pop’s music while the man himself is still here to enjoy it. Yesterday I found this fun rundown of Pop’s 18 [...]

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Sunshine Supermen

I just watched the The Sunshine Makers documentary. The 2015 flick tells the story of two idealistic young men in the 1960′s. The pair couldn’t be more different, but they both shared a common goal: to manufacture and distribute a massive amount of LSD, thoroughly convinced that the insights provided by the drug would create [...]

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Kinski’s Beast

I saw a preview screening of Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast film based on their classic 1991 animated adaptation of the 18th century fairy tale. Fans of the Disney cartoon will find a lot to like here. It’s not as good or as groundbreaking as the animated movie, but it does justice to [...]

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Darko, Darker

I just read an article about Donnie Darko being re-released in 4K later this year. It might be fun to see that flick — and hear that soundtrack — in a proper theater as many of us only discovered the movie after its original theatrical flop. Here’s a look back at the film and a [...]

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GoNY 15

When Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York debuted in 2002, I didn’t go to see it right away, and when I finally did I remember feeling like it seemed sort of silly, and that Cameron Diaz was terrible. Diaz is still a weak link for me, but a recent article on Medium got me interested [...]

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