Dennis Hopper’s Chainsaw

This year we celebrate the release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. You read that right. The first film is the best horror movie of all time for some, but if it seems odd to be celebrating the sequel, you obviously haven’t seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Did I mention it stars Dennis Hopper [...]

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40 Years of Assault

After spending nearly a week lounging in the Gulf of Mexico I spent Sunday afternoon lounging on the rocks in the water at Dale Hollow reservoir. All this warm weather resting has reminded me what a sun worshiper I’ve always been — I think most summer babies are. I brought two songs back from the [...]

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Blow-Up Again

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up. A movie about images, the first time I saw through the film’s most superficial layers I was in the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN. I think it was during a Noir Fest screening — it was a double-feature with De Palma’s Blowout. Again, this [...]

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Hail, Taxi Driver

Continuing our celebration of Taxi Driver at 40, here’s 70 plus minutes of analysis by Lewis of Channel Criswell. He’s a budding filmmaker and I enjoyed his understanding of the Scorsese classic, and I wanted to share it with y’all. It’s also a great opportunity to revisit the movie along with behind the scenes bits [...]

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Flap Flop

My review of Batman v Superman hit the streets Monday in this week’s edition of The Contributor. I saw the movie in previews a few days before its big opening weekend, but given the paper’s editorial calendar this one is merely adding a drip to the deluge of negative criticism and fan reactions that found [...]

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Anita, I Need Ya

Today we celebrate the 1944 birthday of model, actress and Rolling Stones’ muse Anita Pallenberg. Pallenberg was Brian Jones’ girlfriend before he destroyed himself with drugs and she hooked-up with Keith, during which time she filmed the infamous love scenes in Performance with Mick Jagger. Performance is a landmark psycho/sexual/crime drama masterpiece by Donald Cammell [...]

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No Joke

I haven’t found Alan Moore’s reaction to Batman: The Killing Joke being made into an animated feature, but given his previous reactions to cinematic adaptations of his creations I doubt he’s very excited at the prospect. I’m a fan of Moore’s and I’ve enjoyed some of the adaptations of his work more than others. I’m [...]

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Considering Cassavetes

This year we mark three decades since the release of John Cassavetes’ last film, Big Trouble, in 1986. Truth is, I’ve never seen Big Trouble — Cassavetes stepped-in to helm the troubled production when the original writer/director bailed on the project. For most fans of Cassavetes, his last film was the 1984 marital drama Love [...]

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Adam Curtis Comes Alive

I was recently reminded of how much I love Adam Curtis’s documentaries. Note to self: Where’s this boxed set? Looking through the bookmark where I dump lots of stuff that might be posted here or chatted-up on the podcast, I came across this cool video introduction to an artist who ranks among my favorite contemporary [...]

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Vintage Strange

While comic book mavens and Benedict Cumberbatch fan girls are anxiously awaiting the release of the new Dr. Strange film, here’s an all-but-forgotten take on the doctor from 1978. Here’s the skinny from… In the time of Nicholas Hammond as Spider-Man and Lou Ferrigno/Bill Bixby as the Incredible Hulk, Peter Hooten’s portrayal as Dr. [...]

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