Traffic at 50

I’m very excited to take my wife to go see a preview for The Disaster Artist next week — we both love The Room and she read the book the film is based on. I’m a Franco fan and he looks like he looks great in the trailers. I also like the use of Traffic’s [...]

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Harder Sounds

After posting about Rockers yesterday, I realized we’re celebrating the 45th anniversary of The Harder They Come (1972) this year. Both films are usually found at the top of any list of reggae music films. For me Harder is a fun, flashy crime genre flick about an antihero on the run, but Rockers is a [...]

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Rocksteady ROCKERS

Along with The Harder They Come (1972), Rockers (1978) helped to bring reggae and Rastafarian culture to the big screen, and I’ve been busy writing up a review of Rockers in anticipation of the film’s showing at the Belcourt Theatre’s Music City Monday screening of the movie next week. The film is focused on a [...]

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40 Years of Stars and Bars

While I’ve posted numerous times about the 50th anniversary of The Velvet Underground and Nico this year, but I’ve been missing the chance to celebrate other faves. Now that I’m done with all those October horror posts I’m getting back on track with my notable music anniversaries. American Stars and Bars isn’t considered to be [...]

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Calvin with a K

Tonight I got to see Calvin Johnson play a live show just down the road from my house at Fond Object. Johnson is an indie music pioneer based out of Olympia, Washington. More specifically, Johnson and his K Records label — along with the scene around The Evergreen State College — created a breeding ground [...]

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Cool as Cale

Back in May I wrote a bunch of posts about the 50th anniversary of the Velvet Underground’s debut album. Here’s another Velvety post, celebrating the great John Cale. Here’s the word from a recent Rolling Stone interview celebrating the anniversary… The way John Cale tells it, he had a revelation one day in the mid-Sixties. [...]

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Punks and Poets

I once read an essay by music critic Simon Reynolds where he pointed out that the fundamental difference between punk music and the new wave and no wave music that followed it is that new wave and no wave bands were formed by art school kids, but punk music was always rooted in literary inspirations [...]

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East Side Sounds

We had a great show down at Bearded Iris Brewing on Saturday night during the Germantown Art Crawl. My pal — and our host — Tom Schreck played a short solo set before introducing us. We played some of the brand new songs I wrote in Arizona at the Sedona Summer Colony in July. We [...]

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Rust Belt Roots Rock

It’s been weird weather here in Nashville this week. We’re getting the fallout from Irma right after getting the fallout from Harvey. We had tornado activity coming from Texas, but this week we’ve got cold drizzly rains that I imagine came all the way from Cuba. It feels a bit like winter when it’s chilly [...]

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Lust 40

2017 marks 40 years since the release of Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life. Including the classic title song and the evergreen “Passenger,” the album also features the dark romance of “Tonight” and the jailbait jam, “Sixteen.” I’ve always loved this album as it’s probably the best example of the massive influence that Jim Morrison had [...]

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