East Side Sounds

We had a great show down at Bearded Iris Brewing on Saturday night during the Germantown Art Crawl. My pal — and our host — Tom Schreck played a short solo set before introducing us. We played some of the brand new songs I wrote in Arizona at the Sedona Summer Colony in July. We [...]

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Rust Belt Roots Rock

It’s been weird weather here in Nashville this week. We’re getting the fallout from Irma right after getting the fallout from Harvey. We had tornado activity coming from Texas, but this week we’ve got cold drizzly rains that I imagine came all the way from Cuba. It feels a bit like winter when it’s chilly [...]

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Lust 40

2017 marks 40 years since the release of Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life. Including the classic title song and the evergreen “Passenger,” the album also features the dark romance of “Tonight” and the jailbait jam, “Sixteen.” I’ve always loved this album as it’s probably the best example of the massive influence that Jim Morrison had [...]

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Merry Jerry

Jerry Garcia was born on August 1, 1942 and in 2017 we’re observing his 75th birthday. This anniversary calls to mind my BEST AMERICAN BANDS OF ALL TIME LIST. I won’t get into all of the details of that list here, but I will tell you that when I first made that countdown about 12 [...]

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Suburban Savior

One of the videos I posted to the blog last week somehow lead to my discovering this BBC rock doc featuring Boy George’s personal musicological tour of Britain’s 1970s music scene — the music of his teen years highlighting the bands and the tunes that influenced Culture Club in the 1980s. Here’s a bit about [...]

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Syd’s Elephant

Syd Barrett, the visionary co-founder of Pink Floyd, was the groundbreaking band’s original singer, guitar player and main songwriter. Pink Floyd should be admired for their evolution and innovation over five decades, but for some the band was never the same after they lost Syd in 1968. Even after he left the band Barrett wasn’t [...]

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Bob Dylan: Looking Back

1967 was the Summer of Love, and by that time Bob Dylan, the poet laureate of the counterculture, was already two years into his transformation from folkie legend to rock star which began when he plugged-in a Fender Stratocaster and “went electric” at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. Dylan had even released rock masterpieces [...]

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Jones Jones

A few years ago I stumbled across this biopic about The Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones: Stoned tells the story about the British rockers with an eye on their multi-instrumentalist and original leader. Before Mick and Keith became the Glimmer Twins, The Rolling Stones were Brian’s band. The story goes that Brian got deep into [...]

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London Rock

I celebrated a birthday this week and didn’t get back to the blog until this afternoon. It’s starting to feel like summer in Nashville. It’s muggy and warmer, but not exactly hot yet. We sometimes spend weeks in the high 90′s or low 100′s between July and September, but I’m hoping for a milder season [...]

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Nobel 2016 Revisited

Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature. When the award was announced last October, people who care about such things were either elated or outraged: Fans of the man felt that Dylan’s work deserved such lofty accolades, but writerly snobs — the worst snobs — looked down on the troubadour, his popular music, and [...]

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