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Nashville Film Festival 2

I stuck to shorts again on Monday, checking out the Grow Up Already program of narrative films in the afternoon. Overall these coming-of-age movies were super impressive — Damià Serra’s “On The Roof” features a cast of great young actors dealing with sexuality, bullying and the personal dynamics that can become complicated and even violent [...]

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Nashville Film Festival 1

I’ll be posting about the Nashville Film Festival this week — the event got underway this past Thursday afternoon. I saw a number of films before the fest for my annual preview I write for The Contributor. On Thursday I went to pick up my credentials, and was able to score a ticket for the [...]

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I, Not I

Following up on yesterday’s post about the relationship between consciousness and reality — yeah, yeah, I’ll get back to the Satanic, Loch Ness, avant garde, performance artists next week — here’s a piece from Curiosity about modern day philosopher Daniel Dennett’s idea that consciousness — Descartes’ “I” — is just an illusion… There’s a quote [...]

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New Synsations

There is so much science news to keep up with lately it makes me wish we were still doing the Coincidence Control Network podcast so that Kim could give us plenty of space and technology news from those thinky boffins. No worries, I’ve been keeping up with the recent imaging of dark matter, and the [...]

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Magickal Revival

Last night I read an interesting article on the Irish Times site inquiring about the occult content that’s popping up all over contemporary art galleries and museum shows. It’s a trend that’s been with us for about a decade, but now the fad is obviously getting more mainstream notice. Here are a few words… …Fast [...]

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Finding Fountain

This year we celebrate the 130th birthday of artist and chess aficionado, Marcel Duchamp who was born on July 28, 1887. It’s also the 100th birthday of Duchamp’s infamous readymade sculpture, “Fountain” — a urinal that Duchamp signed and dated with the pseudonym “R Mutt 1917.” Duchamp submitted the work to show in the April [...]

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This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee’s masterpiece, Malcolm X. Here’s Roger Ebert reviewing the film when it debuted in 1992… …Walking into “Malcolm X,” I expected an angrier film than Spike Lee has made. This film is not an assault but an explanation, and it is not exclusionary; it deliberately addresses [...]

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Rerun Rand

I came across an interesting article earlier today. With the rise of Trump I thought the religious right and the Ayn Rand extremists in the Republican party had been ousted. Unfortunately, the fake Christians seem as empowered as ever, and according to this piece, Ayn Rand has never held more sway over D.C….Here’s the word [...]

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Go Rimbaud

So I found an interesting article at Please Kill Me yesterday. It seems that poet/rocker Patti Smith may have bought the childhood home of French poet Arthur Rimbaud. Along with Jim Morrison and William S. Burroughs, Rimbaud is one of Smith’s great heroes — her song “Land” from her classic album, Horses, features the singalong [...]

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Glenn Gone

Last Friday I was posting the latest From the Archives pick when I read about Glenn O’Brien’s passing in The Guardian. Here’s the word… Glenn O’Brien, the New York cultural figure who was an author, musician, magazine editor, style guru, TV host and key figure at Andy Warhol’s Factory, has died aged 70. Described by [...]

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