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Lion for Reel

I got back to Nashville late on Monday night after a week at the Sedona Summer Colony in Arizona. I spent last week writing songs, jamming with musicians and talking about movies, art and writing with artists and thinkers from around the country. It was an illuminating, immersive experience in a singularly beautiful setting and [...]

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Sedona Songs 5

I woke up super early on Thursday, and after getting up at about 4AM I went back to sleep before starting my day at about 8:45. The time change has me a bit off, and the Arizona heat/humidity/light factors are sometimes just the opposite of what they are in Nashville. That said, we had another [...]

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Sedona Songs 4

Had a productive Wednesday at the Sedona Summer Colony — that’s what happens when you wake up at 6:30 AM. That’s actually and hour before my alarm was set to go off, but I was sure I’d sleep through it if I tried to go back to bed so I just got up and grabbed [...]

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Sedona Songs 3

On Tuesday at Sedona Summer Colony I woke up at about 5 AM and got out of bed and looked at my journal and grabbed some more bubble water out of our fridge in the common room and found another John Titor YouTube video to listen to — see yesterday’s post — before turning-in again [...]

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Sedona Songs 2

I got up early on my second day at the Sedona Summer Colony — I went straight to the workout room and put in ten rounds on the stand up heavy bag there. It’s one of those Everlast numbers that’s like a cylinder on a stick weighed down with a base full of water. Not [...]

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Sedona Songs 1

I’m spending the week in Sedona, AZ attending this year’s Sedona Summer Colony artist residency program. I’m staying in a dorm on the Valley Verde School campus — it’s an International Baccalaureate school that preps some of the best high school students in the world for some of the best universities around the globe. It’s [...]

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Breakfast Hunter

Two years before Hunter S. Thompson took his own life in 2005 his Woody Creek, Colorado neighbor Wayne Ewing edited together years of video and film footage into a days-in-the-life-style documentary that captured HST drunk, drunk on stage, drugged, in trouble with the cops, visiting his home state of Kentucky, and trying to get Fear [...]

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Ready. Set. Chaos!

Anyone who’s ever watched a Jurassic Park film or who’s heard of the “butterfly effect” has already come across chaos theory. Frankly, it’s hard to think of any pop cultural expression more mainstream than a Steven Spielberg film, but it wasn’t always that way for this interdisciplinary theory which states that within the apparent randomness [...]

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Syd’s Elephant

Syd Barrett, the visionary co-founder of Pink Floyd, was the groundbreaking band’s original singer, guitar player and main songwriter. Pink Floyd should be admired for their evolution and innovation over five decades, but for some the band was never the same after they lost Syd in 1968. Even after he left the band Barrett wasn’t [...]

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Sid & Nancy Return

Gary Oldman might be my favorite living actor. Nowadays he’s probably best known for playing Commissioner Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, but back in the 1980′s when Oldman made his first breakthroughs as one of the very best actors of his generation, he set cinemas on fire with go-for-broke performances in films like [...]

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