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Farewell to a Farmer

I got some sad news last night when I found out that Stephen Gaskin, the founder of The Farm commune in Summertown, TN, had died. The Farm was one of the longest-lived alternative-living experiments to be born out of the hippie movement in the 1960′s, and it was always a badge of pride to point [...]

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The Farm on Film

My neighbors in Tennessee live on the longest-surviving hippie commune in the United States. Here’s ABC’s take on the place in 2012: If you thought communes had gone the way of the tie dye shirt, think again. New, non-hippy ones are springing up. The oldest, The Farm—still hippyish and still going strong–is the subject of [...]

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Living Together

In keeping with my recent posts about the 1960′s and the San Francisco Diggers in particular, I wanted to finish off with the last chapter in their story. After bringing their brand of world-remaking to the Haight, the Digggers joined with a number of other groups to drop out in a big way. Together, they [...]

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