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Superman is Dead

After yesterday’s post about Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four movie, my pal — and a fine comics illustrator — Ron Weaver commented on Facebook to remind me of the documentary about Tim Burton’s ill-fated Superman film starring Nicolas Cage. Another ahead of its time comics movie that never saw the light of day, Superman Lives has [...]

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Doomed on Arrival

Flipping some stories into {R}emnants yesterday, I came across some breaking superhero cinema news that immediately found me re-visiting a blog post from 2013. The story was about Roger Corman’s 1990′s Fantastic Four movie. Here’s Comic Book Resources with the breaking news followed by some of my original commentary… Fans will finally get learn exactly [...]

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A Real Gas-s-s-s

On Friday night I was online, drinking my wine/tea beverage (3 parts soda water to red wine and a bag of hibiscus tea beverage) and looking for a good movie on TV at the same time. I flipped over to THIS and found a great 1970 post apocalyptic comedy directed by Roger Corman. Here’s the [...]

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