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Return to Red Line

In 1998 two legendary directors released World War II films that couldn’t be more different: Stephen Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan is considered a masterpiece of the genre and the film’s arrival was treated like a national event when it first hit theater screens. Audiences hailed the realism of the film’s battle sequences while Spielberg was [...]

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Ready. Set. Chaos!

Anyone who’s ever watched a Jurassic Park film or who’s heard of the “butterfly effect” has already come across chaos theory. Frankly, it’s hard to think of any pop cultural expression more mainstream than a Steven Spielberg film, but it wasn’t always that way for this interdisciplinary theory which states that within the apparent randomness [...]

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Room 666

Anticipating the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, here’s a look back to a super project dreamed up by Wim Wenders at the festival way back in 1982: Room 666 is a documentary project that profiles a number of prominent filmmakers using a static camera in room 666 of the Hotel Martinez. According to the Wiki… Each [...]

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American Zoetrope at 45

This year we will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola’s production house American Zoetrope. Conceived of as an alternative to the Hollywood movie machine, Zoetrope first opened its doors in San Francisco in 1969. Here is a note about the beginning of the dream from the American Zoetrope site: Francis Ford Coppola [...]

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