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Book of Bruce

2018 marks 45 years since the death of The Dragon, Bruce Lee. The filmmaker, dancer, philosopher and martial arts pioneer died mysteriously on July 20, 1973. Lee’s death has long been the subject of conspiracy theories ranging from a poisoning by a jealous lover to a mob hit by the Chinese Tong, and the rest [...]

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King’s IT

I saw a preview of the new screen version of Stephen King’s IT tonight. I’d have to think about it a little more to write a full review as I just got home and I need to stop working for the night and watch some hurricane news which has been really scary. Hurricane Irma is [...]

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There Be Dragons

Today I found out that a new Gary Gygax biography just came out this month. Gygax is credited with creating Dungeons & Dragons, giving birth to modern role playing games, and inventing an approach to adventure gaming that has had a massive effect on table top play and video gaming alike. I still have a [...]

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Nina Simone: The Legend

I first heard about Nina Simone while reading Sam Shepard biographies which always mention his working as a busboy at the Village Gate, refilling the diva’s ice water glass during her performances in New York in the 1960′s. It was only years later that I fell under her spell and I still think her take [...]

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Lance Henriksen's Role of a Lifetime

Hey y’all. I read a lot of great books last year, but one of the best was a new biography of cult actor Lance Henriksen. Published by a new Nashville book concern, Not Bad for a Human is a necessary read for Henriksen fans and anyone else who is interested in a fascinating look at [...]

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