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Book of Bruce

2018 marks 45 years since the death of The Dragon, Bruce Lee. The filmmaker, dancer, philosopher and martial arts pioneer died mysteriously on July 20, 1973. Lee’s death has long been the subject of conspiracy theories ranging from a poisoning by a jealous lover to a mob hit by the Chinese Tong, and the rest [...]

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Ghost Dog Day

In conjunction with England’s Black Star celebration of black actors in film and televison, BFI published an article in praise of Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai on Monday, and I couldn’t agree with its assessment of the genre-bending hip-hop-hit-man flick. This piece focus’s on Forrest Whitaker’s performance as the title character. [...]

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The Intercepting Post

This year The Big Boss turns 45, and next year we’ll celebrate the birthday of Bruce Lee’s fighting philosophy, Jeet Kune Do. In 1967, during his first season of The Green Hornet, Lee was inspired to create his own martial arts system. The action star and Kung Fu sensei felt that his traditional style of [...]

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Kill Bill Deconstructed

While “deconstruction” is the buzz word we always hear associated with all things postmodern — art, architecture, food — it often carries with it intellectual and analytical implications that aren’t necessarily a part of the application of the process of “deconstructing.” Sometimes, deconstructing a literary theme, or an architectural movement or a Thanksgiving dinner can [...]

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Death of the Kung Fu King

It’s difficult to over-estimate the impact that Run Run Shaw and his invention of the kung-fu film genre have had on action films specifically and on world cinema in general. I heard on the radio this morning that Mr. Shaw has left the Earth for that big movie palace in the sky. Here’s The New [...]

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The Way of the Intercepting Myth

Hey y’all, Bruce Lee was a hero of mine when I was a kid and as I’ve gotten older the man has continued to interest and inspire me. He’s always been an icon of the martial arts and in my own training in tae kwon do, boxing and kung fu, Bruce’s influence was always present. [...]

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