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Panthers 50

The Black Panther Party officially celebrated their 50th anniversary last October. With that remembrance in mind this Black History Month wouldn’t be complete without a look back at one of the most important civil rights organizations to ever take the streets. Here’s the word about an amazing PBS Independent Lens documentary about the power and [...]

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Whiter Shade of Pale

The rise of Trump and issued spotlighted by Black Lives Matter can make it seem like mainstream racism is a virulent new creature on the American scene. The mainstreaming may be new, but unfortunately, this is a culture that has thrived in the states since the beginning of the country. The reason the BLM movement [...]

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Revolutionary Black Workers

In the midst of this surreal political season, with the endurance of Black Lives Matter, and having just written an article about an African American neighborhood in Nashville, I suppose it might have been expected that I’d stumble across a mention about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, but it still caught me by surprise. [...]

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Still Sinclair

This week I was reminded of long lost Labor Days in Detroit, marching with my father’s union as a little kid. Thinking about Labor Day and Detroit got me thinking about John Sinclair who famously got thrown in jail in 1969 after giving two joints to an undercover cop, before even more famously getting sprung [...]

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