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Radical: Muhammad Ali

I’m a huge fan of combat sports. Back in the day I’d occasionally post about fights here at Insomnia, but since the blog has zeroed-in on counterculture content, only an exceptional fighter might make an appearance. Over the weekend, we lost the great Muhammad Ali. Exceptional is one of the first words one might use [...]

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Fischer VS Frazier?

So, I think I’ve finally found my sport. It combines brains and brawn, strategy and endurance, and the ability to absorb both physical and mental anguish. In short, this is a sport that tests the whole man. In fact, just trying to overcome one’s sense of disbelief at Chess Boxing is enough to make even [...]

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Kubrick’s First Films

Ken Eakins — the fearless leader of the Coincidence Control Network podcast — and I have both been battling early fall colds and we have yet to get our latest episode edited and released. We’ve decided to reset this week and skip recording a new show so we can get the last one squared away [...]

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