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Banned in Russia

Growing up during the second half of the Cold War, when I was a child the Soviet Union was notable for two reasons: nuclear weapons and censorship. That’s about all I really knew: the Russians and citizens of their satellites can’t read or watch or print what they want. Also they have enough warheads to [...]

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Jimi Jams

Over the weekend Open Culture pointed back to one of its own posts to remember Jimi Hendrix’ death in London on September 17, 1970. Here are a couple of great acoustic performances with some words from Open Culture… Solo acoustic recordings of Hendrix—film and audio—are incredibly rare. In fact, the only other footage may be [...]

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Kerouac Wax Stack

I love Open Culture’s treasure trove of free and accessible media. So many great things to find there. If you’re on Twitter you should follow OC @openculture. Every tweet is like opening a surprise and yesterday I discovered that all of Jack Kerouac’s recorded works are available for listening on the site through their curating [...]

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Professor Ginsberg

I love the Open Culture site and I’m always anxious to share a good find. The other day I fell down a Beat rabbit hole at the site before stumbling upon this set of recordings of Allen Ginsberg teaching the history of Western poetry at the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics in 1974. There [...]

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Beat Booty

It’s Monday morning after a pretty fun weekend. I stayed in on Saturday night to watch the Deontay Wilder fight and to get a good night’s sleep before my show at Mad Donna’s last night. I had a ball at the East Nashville Songwriter’s club, sharing the stage with Rich Mahan and Lauren Farrah. Jean [...]

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Hunting Hells Angles

Hunter S. Thompson has been popping up on my radar a lot lately. Not sure what’s happening in the Gonzoverse, but the good doctor keeps on pushing through the veil as of late — the streams have crossed, the aether is asunder. I just posted a link to the Gonzo Tapes and now I found [...]

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Pulgasari – The North Korean Godzilla

While monster movie fans are waiting with a combination of hope and dread for the release of the new Godzilla film this May, I thought I’d offer-up this strange little snack to tide us all over as we await the return of the Great One. Pulgasari is a 1985, North Korean, Godzilla-style giant monster film [...]

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Painting America: 1940-1970

Filmmaker, Emile de Antonio is a counterculture hero who helped to distribute the classic Beat film Pull My Daisy, shot the classic JFK assassination documentary Rush to Judgement and got smashed to the gills for his appearance in Andy Warhol’s experimental film Drink. One of my favorite de Antonio flicks is a classic art documentary [...]

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Kubrick’s First Films

Ken Eakins — the fearless leader of the Coincidence Control Network podcast — and I have both been battling early fall colds and we have yet to get our latest episode edited and released. We’ve decided to reset this week and skip recording a new show so we can get the last one squared away [...]

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