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Resistance is Tactile

I’ve been tweeting and posting on social media lately about my ambivalent feelings regarding the World Cup: On one hand I think soccer is a beautiful sport and as an admirer of the Greek ideal I love athletics in their pure physicality. I’ve been looking forward to the World Cup for four years, but the [...]

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Coincidence Control Network: Episode 66

Apologies for the lateness of this show, I (The Ken) have been ill. This week: The Big Dog is off the chain, yeah that’s right, Ken’s hosting again. That’s really all you need to know….no?…ok, this week we discuss The latest activistprank from the Yes Men, New moons and hipsters, Hack your face!, Kim’s analogue [...]

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The Wolfman of Brazil

If you are a regular reader or podcast listener, you won’t be surprised to find that I was immediately grabbed by recent headlines about a werewolf loose in Brazil. I’m inclined to click even the most mildly lycanthropic link and a story about a wild man-beast in a place that’s full of both tropical jungles [...]

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