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Argentine Werewolf Adoption

Last week my girlfriend shared a link with me via Facebook chat that seemed custom-made for one of my blog posts. It concerns a faraway country, political power, folklore, religion and lycanthropy. Here’s the story from Argentina as reported by The Independent… The President of Argentina has adopted a young Jewish man as her godson [...]

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The Wolfman of Brazil

If you are a regular reader or podcast listener, you won’t be surprised to find that I was immediately grabbed by recent headlines about a werewolf loose in Brazil. I’m inclined to click even the most mildly lycanthropic link and a story about a wild man-beast in a place that’s full of both tropical jungles [...]

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Sympathy for the Werewolf

I’ve been meaning to add more occult/horror-themed posts here — October is upon us and it’s time to acknowledge the darker side of these days. And if not “these days” then at least days gone by when curses and hexes struck fear into the heart, and magic was to be found in every grove, valley [...]

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