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Defining De Palma

Now that the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville is about to come back online I’m excited to see the new space and to watch films at my favorite art house again. I got an email last night confirming that the new Brian De Palma documentary, De Palma, will be screening at the Belcourt in August. DePalma [...]

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Forman’s Flynt

Yesterday I posted about Geroge Carlin. The comedian’s career put a spotlight on the First Amendment, and watching the video on that post got me wondering about other works of art that speak loudly about speaking truth. It’s been 20 years since MiloŇ° Forman released his biopic of Hustler magazine publisher and First Amendment hero, [...]

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After Hopper

Seems there’s always a significant anniversary to recount this year. Here’s another remembrance: this one marks five years since the death of Dennis Hopper. Hopper was an actor, director, writer, photographer and art collector. He was good at each of them and occasionally great at every one. Here’s a compilation of Hopper interviews presented by [...]

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