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Decrypting Black Code

Some events have impacted American culture with such force that the periods before and after they occur become defined as eras separated by the unprecedented – the Pearl Harbor and 9-11 attacks immediately come to mind as does the assassination of President Kennedy. But a new film about secrecy – and the lack of it [...]

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Stone On Snowden

I’m a huge Oliver Stone fan, and I’m anxious to see what he might do with his new biopic, Snowden, which tells the tale of the heroic whistleblower and is due out this coming Christmas. Knowing Stone I’m sure he’ll attempt to put the entire NSA surveillance program up on the screen just like he [...]

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War on Whistleblowers

I enjoyed watching the Oscars the other night — it’s silly and stilted, the jokes bomb and the music sucks. That said, I love movies and there are always at least a few flicks in the mix that are brilliant or moving or both. The best film I saw last year was Birdman, and while [...]

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Happy Birthday, N.S.A.

Today as Americans turn-out to vote in both state and federal midterm elections, very few voters are aware that we’re also celebrating the 62nd birthday of the N.S.A. which was founded in 1952, 3 years after George Orwell published 1984. The N.S.A.’s purview is signal intelligence — they monitor information and data from around the [...]

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