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Le Morte du Monster

Godzilla, the King of Kaiju, died on Monday. The actual monster will likely live on in big screen iterations for generations to come, but we’ve lost Haruo Nakajima, the actor who played the massive dragon who became a symbol for the dawn on the nuclear age in the creature’s very first feature in 1954. It’s [...]

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Paul Thomas Anderson VS Thomas Pynchon

This week Paul Thomas Anderson — the greatest American director of his generation? — announced his latest project since The Master. Here’s the early word from Cinema Blend… When you think of Paul Thomas Anderson and the compact but rich filmography he possesses, words like “intense,” “poetic,” and even “tragic” all seem to do the [...]

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Pulgasari – The North Korean Godzilla

While monster movie fans are waiting with a combination of hope and dread for the release of the new Godzilla film this May, I thought I’d offer-up this strange little snack to tide us all over as we await the return of the Great One. Pulgasari is a 1985, North Korean, Godzilla-style giant monster film [...]

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