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Page & Crowley

Original Photo: Dina Regine Over the weekend I was stoked to find out that a new biography of Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page, had recently hit the book shelves. According to a review in The London Times the book is a no-holds-barred excavation of Page’s debauchery and excess with a particular emphasis on the musician’s [...]

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Bonham’s Birthday

I usually don’t post new posts here on Sundays as it seems most people want to read INSOMNIA during the work week. That said, I wanted to share a fun bit of news from yesterday when we celebrated what would have been legendary rock drummer John Bonham’s 66th birthday. Here is a great little BBC [...]

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Happy Birthday, You Handsome Devil

Welcome, initiates… This week, we celebrate the birthday of Jimmy Page: a guitar hero, an occult dabbler, and – just like Jesus – a Capricorn. Page was a well-known session guitarist before working with the Yardbirds and – of course – Led Zeppelin. One of the most influential musician/songwriters of all time, Page has been [...]

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