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Roi Lézard

On July 3rd we observed the 47th anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison. We still care about Morrison because he lead the greatest American rock band of all time, and because he was also a gifted poet and a lyrical filmmaker. Even folks who’d disagree with all of those points would have to concede [...]

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Finding Spyder

After James Dean died in his tragic autumn car wreck six decades ago, the wreckage of his Porsche Spyder toured the country as a traffic safety promotion. Then, it disappeared. Here’s a Northwest Herald story about a new leads on the Porsche’s final resting place… VOLO – Sixty years after the Sept. 30, 1955, crash [...]

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Agent Cooper’s “Diane” Tapes

For fans of David Lynch’s classic cult TV show, Twin Peaks, the secrets of the Black Lodge and the Log Lady’s prophecies hold an endless fascination. But, in a show full of dark mysteries, the relationship between agent Dale Cooper and the never-seen “Diane” may be the most intangible of them all. Lucky for us, [...]

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