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The Future is Southern

The 20th century was the age of the specialist: Henry Ford pioneered the division of labor, and fields across the sciences to the arts subdivided into increasingly limited industries. But the new century is much different from the last: old hierarchies are toppling, the line between art and craft is being erased, and technology is [...]

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Nashville Film Festival 1

I’ll be posting about the Nashville Film Festival this week — the event got underway this past Thursday afternoon. I saw a number of films before the fest for my annual preview I write for The Contributor. On Thursday I went to pick up my credentials, and was able to score a ticket for the [...]

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This American Burroughs

Hey, Insomniacs! I’m getting a slow start on the week after spending Monday driving back from Asheville, North Carolina. I played a solo singer/songwriter gig there over the weekend and had a real blast bumming around that great little mountain town with my girlfriend. Check out my¬†YouTube channel to see videos from the show. On [...]

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The Geodesic Dome at 65

Buckminster Fuller is one of my heroes and I wanted to add this post to celebrate the the 65th anniversary of his greatest project in 1949. Here’s some of the Wiki about the great architect/inventor/philosopher’s Geodesic Dome… Fuller taught at Black Mountain College in North Carolina during the summers of 1948 and 1949,[17] serving as [...]

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