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King of the Witches

So odd to think it’s nearly December. I’m not sure what happened to October and have no idea where November went to. I still have a bunch of scary movie post ideas leftover from October. It doesn’t make much sense to post them at this point so I suppose I’ll hold ‘em for a year. [...]

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Grounded: Censoring Space

When we talk about travelling to the stars, we often talk in terms of technological development and pushing past the current limits bounding the horizons of space science. However, one thing a space-bound race will always have a hard time hurdling are the strictures on their own understanding of themselves and their culture. Terrestrial earthlings [...]

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The Quebec-born actress, Haji, passed away over the weekend on Friday, August 10. The iconic star of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was 67. Barberella (seriously!) Catton became an exotic dancer at the age of 14. Cult film genius Russ Meyer discovered her working in a topless bar. The duo made five films together, but their [...]

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Early Erotic Cinema

“As soon as moving cameras were invented people began using them to make pornographic films…” So starts Taboo: The Beginning of Erotic Cinema – a one hour documentary that examines the earliest days of the dirty movie biz, tracing the industry up to the age of the VHS tape. As the quote suggests, Taboo argues [...]

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