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Into The Veldt

Yesterday I was thinking about all the ideas and visions and ambitions that are reshaping Nashville and other cities all over the country as suburbanites push to urban cores and gentrification becomes the only game in town. So often what we want isn’t what we need or even what we thought we wanted once we [...]

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Alphaville at 50

This year we mark the 50th anniversary of Jean-Luc Godard’s sci-fi thriller, Alphaville. The futuristic-seeming settings and the presence of actor Eddie Constantine assure us that this is indeed a sci-fi thriller, but this is a Godard film so its also a movie about movies. Here’s the word from the British Film Institute… While the [...]

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Bon Voyage, Bradbury

I’d say that I was sad that Ray Bradbury was dead, but that wouldn’t be true. Obviously one of America’s great writers, if Bradbury had only written The Martian Chronicles he’d be golden in my eyes. We always feel a sense of loss when one of our giants crumbles, but I don’t think Bradbury would’ve [...]

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