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Glenn Gone

Last Friday I was posting the latest From the Archives pick when I read about Glenn O’Brien’s passing in The Guardian. Here’s the word… Glenn O’Brien, the New York cultural figure who was an author, musician, magazine editor, style guru, TV host and key figure at Andy Warhol’s Factory, has died aged 70. Described by [...]

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Warhol Computer Art Found

As media becomes increasingly digitized, the vehicles for our ideas become faster and more fluid. What many people don’t realize is that they also become more fragile. Let me give you an example: I’m combing through old recordings right now, looking for songs to add as extras to a remaster of my CD, Blue Turns [...]

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Robert Hughes: The Death of a Critic

As we talked about on this week’s episode of Coincidence Control Network, Robert Hughes has slipped this mortal coil for that great rant in the sky. A consummate art critic, Hughes was as accessible as he was incisive — rather like the Carl Sagan of the cultural set, complete with his own blockbuster public television [...]

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