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The Sleepless Film Festival Presents – The Tears of a Clown Double Feature: Renaldo and Clara and Les Enfants du Paradis

Good morning, comrades. Today – for your enjoyment – another chapter in our ongoing programming at The Sleepless Film Festival. Today’s pick will be Bob Dylan’s 1975 epic, Renaldo and Clara. More than just a concert film, Renaldo’ clocks in at nearly 4 hours and is packed with improvised scenes featuring Mr. Zimmerman as well [...]

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Oh, My My! Oh, Hell Yes! – Observations on a Music City Marathon

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunderous applause. After a long, hard week of suffering with insufferable allergies to everything green and growing here in this spring in The Old South (as I type on my front porch this illumined screen is beginning to glow like deep sea algae as it is [...]

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The Last Days of Pompeii

Hola, Amigos! If you have been enjoying these little stories I am writing here, encourage me with a comment If you hate these, I’ll understand. Just tell me to stop. THE OL’SARGE In all his days, he’d never seen nothin’ like this. The Sarge wiped his brow with a hard, dirty, tan forearm – the [...]

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