Boys will be Boys

Hollywood usually blows it when it comes to conspiracy theory movies, but in 1978 they got it right. Here is Wiki’s take on The Boys from Brazil: Young, well-intentioned Barry Kohler (Steve Guttenberg) stumbles upon a secret organization of Third Reich war criminals holding clandestine meetings in Paraguay and realizes that Dr Josef Mengele (Gregory [...]

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Donald Cammell: Performance of a Lifetime

Even if you are a die-hard fan of outre, counter-cultural cinema, you might not leap to attention at the mention of the name Donald Cammell. A painting prodigy as a young man, Cammell was making a living with his brushes by the age of 19. Having built the foundations of a lucrative portrait painting career, [...]

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Terence McKenna Channels John Dee

Good morn, good readers. I woke early to a cloudy Sunday in the Old South, however, this dark little gem has polished my resolve. Wrap yourself in melancholy and join Terence McKenna for this trip through the history of The Great Work. Terence McKenna’s The Alchemical Dream: Rebirth of the Great Work is a 2008 [...]

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Picturing a Revolution

Bonjour Mes Amis, As always, I’ve been staying up late and fishing the ‘net for the flashing, magical treasures you’ve come to expect from our sleepless trollings on this sea of dreams. My latest find is a film called KORDAVISION: The Man Who Shot Che Guevara. Having read a number of books about and by [...]

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The Sleepless Film Festival Presents: Pirate Radio USA

Hello friends. This weekend I discovered an entertaining and eye-opening pirate radio documentary online – Priate Radio USA. Given the post-Clinton legalization of media monopolies, the subject of pirate radio has once again become a hot-button topic. Pirate radio broadcasters use homemade technologies to take over radio frequencies , broadcasting without licences, beyond the reach [...]

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Joy to the World

Good day, good readers. Last night I discovered a documentary about the band Joy Division on Hulu. In a recent post about the post-punk chronicle Totally Wired, I mentioned the films 24-Hour Party People and Control. Both movies cover the rise and fall of Joy Division and their troubled leader Ian Curtis. While both films [...]

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The Sleepless Film Festival: Au Revoir, Claude Chabrol

Au revoir, Claude Chabrol. The influential French filmmaker died on Sunday (9/12) and we were sad to see one of the brighter lights of the New Wave go dark. He lived a long life – 80 years – and he leaves us with his beautiful images. If Jean-Luc Godard appeals to critics because of his [...]

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The Sleepless Film Festival's Labor Day Special: The Wobblies

Good day, Comrades! Today we celebrate Labor Day in America with this screening of The Wobblies. This 1979 documentary tells the story of the Industrial Workers of the World through interviews with the people who were there during it’s American heyday. Here’s what the Fulvue Drive-In has to say about the film: “…they changed the [...]

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The Sleepless Film Festival Presents: Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man

Happy day, day-trippers. We were up late again last night, but were pleased to wake up early enough to enjoy a lovely day in The Old South. After weeks of particularly brutal summer weather, Nashville is experiencing an unlikely respite with temps in the high 80′s and flagging spirits on the rise. This weekend my [...]

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Adios, Amigo.

Hola, As a special treat – an amuse bouche if you will – leading up to our Sleepless Film Festival special installment on Dennis Hopper, here is a cool little documentary that was put together by BBC Channel 2 for their Moving Pictures series. This biography of Hopper follows him from his rise as a [...]

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