Bourdain and the Beats

Celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain recently premiered his new show on CNN. The title of Parts Unknown references both the remote locations the show seems to focus on as well as the odd bits of fruits, veggies and animals that make their way into the more exotic dishes Bourdain puts on display. The title [...]

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Brother Seekers: Terence and Dennis McKenna

I haven’t read this new book yet, but after hearing this Coast-to-Coast interview with Dennis McKenna, I can’t wait to read The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss – Dennis’s new memoir about his psychedelic adventures with his brother Terence. Is there a more eloquent spokesperson for the psychedelic experience than Terence McKenna? For me, McKenna [...]

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Truffle Trips

This is a travel piece about Amsterdam’s banning of psychedelic mushrooms in 2008 and the resulting rise of a new industry offering truffles inoculated with psilocybin. Meeting with the affable and opportunistic “Truffle Brothers,” this HAMILTON’S PHARMACOPEIA episode traces the recent history of magic mushrooms in the Netherlands, questions the dubious claims that lead to [...]

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So Long, Harry Crews

A few weeks back I was flipping through a Southern culture magazine at a drug store when I found out that Harry Crews had died at the end of March. The novelist, short story writer and memoirist was one of my literary heroes and -since we’re not doing a Coincidence Control Network podcast this afternoon [...]

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Burroughs Reads Junky

Hola, amigos Junky is William S. Burroughs’ first book and also his most readable. While many readers may have already cracked the cover on this dusky treasure, I recently found a fine gem that washed up on the cyber shores of this here late night lookout. This YouTube offering is an abridged audibook version of [...]

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Barack Obama's Stoning of Medical Marijuana

In an early episode of the Coincidence Control Network podcast, co-host Joseph Matheny and I commented on federal threats to crackdown on California’s medical marijuana dispensaries. As this new article in Rolling Stone points out, this is the kind of arrest-the-sick policy we’d grown to expect from George W. Bush, but which we never dreamed [...]

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Sesame Street Hustle

Hello friends, Have you ever noticed that Oscar the Grouch looks like he’s made outta weed? Seriously. Of course, I don’t think this is intentional. Frank Oz probably had a run of the green shaggy stuff laying around and the rest is history. Along with groovy music and the kind of social awareness that came [...]

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Pretty Girls

All the Pretty Girls The pretty girls gather around cameras and small dogs; fat-faced babies and graceful grandpas. I’ve seen them crowd around crudites. I’ve seen them dance with only themselves – the whirling wonder of it all. All the pretty girls dream in color and plot their days by those breeze blown banners that [...]

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Hunter S. Thompson: The Crazy Never Die

Bonjour mes amis, I went on a Hunter S. Thompson binge recently. No good reason, just got a little carried away. I read a couple of biographies and discovered a lot of great videos in the process. Although this is not an official Sleepless Film Festival post, I wanted to share this video. The Crazy [...]

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Love and Might

Love and Might She walked through the kitchen on bare feet in the middle of the night searching for the knife in the dark. She touched the blade of the chef’s knife and slid it back down into the block. She touched the blade of the bread knife and pulled it all the way out. [...]

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