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Moore’s Mages

Earlier this week I came across a cool post on the Confidentials site that featured comic book legend/sorcerer supreme Alan Moore talking about the history of Western esoteric traditions and giving a list of his top five mystics and magicians. Here’s a bit about the poet/artist/gnostic prophet William Blake… Blake summed up the artistic, anarchic [...]

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No Joke

I haven’t found Alan Moore’s reaction to Batman: The Killing Joke being made into an animated feature, but given his previous reactions to cinematic adaptations of his creations I doubt he’s very excited at the prospect. I’m a fan of Moore’s and I’ve enjoyed some of the adaptations of his work more than others. I’m [...]

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V Turns X

This year we celebrate the tenth birthday of the film V for Vendetta, based on the classic graphic novel by Alan Moore. Moore is more than cantankerous when addressing the cinematic adaptations of his work, and movies like Watchmen, From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen explain his ill-temper. That said, for me, V [...]

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Alan Moore on Austin Spare

On this episode of the BBC’s The Culture Show, graphic novelist Alan Moore takes us on a personal tour of magician/occultist Austin Osman Spare’s old neighborhood — stopping in the pubs where the artist showed his magical/grotesque works, and strolling a gallery exhibition of Spare’s mysterious portraits, nudes and still lifes. Stay Awake! Please subscribe [...]

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Don't Be Late for Doomsday

Hey there, The ominous ticking clock in The Watchmen wasn’t just a cool device employed by Alan Moore to up the tension in his superhero-comic-to-end-all-superhero-comics. Moore’s version took its inspiration from the real thing. From a recent article in USA Today: “Citing ongoing threats from nuclear proliferation, climate change, and the need to find sustainable [...]

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