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Jack’s Tracts

Jack Chick hated Catholics, Jews, Freemasons, Dungeons & Dragons, Mormons, Harry Potter, and the Devil. He also published a series of comic book bible tract zines for just over a decade during the 1970′s and 1980′s that helped to kickstart the Satanic Panic. The comics also won Chick an ironic status among comic fans and [...]

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No Joke

I haven’t found Alan Moore’s reaction to Batman: The Killing Joke being made into an animated feature, but given his previous reactions to cinematic adaptations of his creations I doubt he’s very excited at the prospect. I’m a fan of Moore’s and I’ve enjoyed some of the adaptations of his work more than others. I’m [...]

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Aaron Diaz’ The Silmarillion

Artist Aaron Diaz’ Dresden Codak comic offers-up stories filled with science, philosophy and psychology that have won him the Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards for Outstanding Use of Color and Outstanding Use of The Medium. The Dresden Codak site has been down all day, but the Diaz’ latest tweets assure his followers that he’s getting the [...]

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Russ Kick Unloads Graphic Canon

Russ Kick and I go way back. But, then again, we don’t. Our paths originally crossed during our efforts for Disinformation, the counter cultural website and publisher. Kick was the well known editor of a number of volumes for Disinfo and I did my regular “Insomnia” segments on the Disinformation World News podcast. I don’t [...]

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