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Shutterbugs: Warhol, Burroughs, Lynch

Andy Warhol is better remembered for his paintings, and even his films, than for the hundreds of photographs he took in the last period of his career. William Burroughs’ legacy counts writing and even painting before his drawn-on photographs. David Lynch is a known cinematic genius who happens to love capturing still images of massive [...]

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Supermodel. Rock Star. Junky. Nico. Icon.

Nico was a fashion model, an actress and a siger/songwriter who is best known for her time with The Velvet Underground and her contributions to their debut album The Velvet Underground and Nico. The Warhol Superstar is familiar to cinephiles for her gorgeous turns in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita and Warhol’s Chelsea Girls. Christa Päffgen [...]

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Andy Warhol's Art of Business

The new catalog for the Andy Warhol Enterprises exhibit arrived at our doorstep with a gleaming white cover and gilt-edged pages. The over-the-top look of the book is something of a tongue in cheek reference to the subject of the exhibition it covers: Andy Warhol’s art as business/business as art. Beginning at the beginning… The [...]

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