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Video Killed The Bard

Came across this lollipop culture candy the other day and wanted to share here. I hope the new year is as absurd and unexpected as this. Here’s the set-up from Open Culture… When it comes to music however, 80s retro tends to confine themselves to early hip and hop and electro, the synthpop of Gary [...]

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Cool as Cale

Back in May I wrote a bunch of posts about the 50th anniversary of the Velvet Underground’s debut album. Here’s another Velvety post, celebrating the great John Cale. Here’s the word from a recent Rolling Stone interview celebrating the anniversary… The way John Cale tells it, he had a revelation one day in the mid-Sixties. [...]

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Inevitable Velvets

Back on track with my site live again, and keeping good to my word about celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Velvet Underground and Nico, here’s a short documentary film that brings viewers as close as they can come to getting their hands on a ticket to Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable. It’s important to [...]

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Howard and Bill

Burroughs: The Movie is a 1983 documentary by Howard Brookner about the author William S. Burroughs. Brookner shot the film for five years with Burroughs’ full cooperation. The two became good friends before Brookner died of AIDS in 1989. In 2012 Brookner’s archive was discovered in a variety of locations, and the filmmaker’s nephew, Aaron [...]

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Little Joe’s Day

Warhol Superstar Joe Dallesandro made his name as an actor in Warhol productions like Flesh and Trash before finding more mainstream success in supporting roles like playing Lucky Luciano in The Cotton Club. Dallesandro is the “Little Joe” in Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wildside,” and that’s his zippable fly on the cover of the [...]

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Basketball Diarist

April in America is National Poetry Month. Reminded of this today, I immediately thought of Jim Carroll – a prodigy of verse whose hybrid poetic memoirs are required reading for anyone interested in punk era New York city and the decades that followed before Carroll’s death in 2009. Carroll’s musical releases are well-worth a listen, [...]

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Warhol ’65

1965, 50 years ago, was a big year for Andy Warhol, the filmmaker: He met Edie Sedgwick who starred in one of his best films, that year’s Poor Little Rich Girl. He also began collaborating with Paul Morrissey who helped Warhol take his cinematic ambitions to another level. Things were going so well behind the [...]

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Flowers for Andy

By 1964, Andy Warhol had already been recognized as a painter of Campbell’s Soup cans, money and Marilyn, but his auspicious entry into the art world only served to put more pressure on his first New York City gallery opening at Leo Castelli. The gallery had opened a new show of Warhol’s Death and Disaster [...]

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Toying with Warhol

Andy Warhol is long gone, but his art is enjoying a lot of attention right now. The artist currently has shows in Britain, Japan and at least two that I’m aware of here in the South. Warhol’s greatest contribution was his democratizing of fine art by claiming a space for consumer packaging — like Brillo [...]

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Painting America: 1940-1970

Filmmaker, Emile de Antonio is a counterculture hero who helped to distribute the classic Beat film Pull My Daisy, shot the classic JFK assassination documentary Rush to Judgement and got smashed to the gills for his appearance in Andy Warhol’s experimental film Drink. One of my favorite de Antonio flicks is a classic art documentary [...]

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