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Hells History

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were the wild and wooly Zeligs of the American counterculture of the Vietnam Era: The Angels partied with Ken Keasey and his Merry Pranksters; they saw their reflections on the big screen in Easy Rider, and in the pages of Hunter S. Thompson’s first book; and they effectively ended the [...]

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River’s Return

In 1981, in a small California town, a teenager raped and killed his girlfriend. Afterwards he took his friends to see the body. About a dozen young people had seen the body and known about the murder before the murder was reported two days after the slaying. River’s Edge is based on those events. The [...]

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Worst Party Ever

On this day in 1846, the Donner Party set off on their infamous journey from Illinois to California. By February the following year the party would be rescued from their frozen hell in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, embedding their story of ambition, madness and cannibalism in the American psyche forever… Stay Awake! Please subscribe to [...]

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Best Art Book(s) of 2013

I love how the New Year inspires the summing up of the year gone by. What’s the best movie you saw? What’s the best album you heard? I have a pretty sizable library of art books, artist biographies and exhibition catalogs, and this is the time of year when publishers send me their spring catalogs, [...]

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