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Hells History

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were the wild and wooly Zeligs of the American counterculture of the Vietnam Era: The Angels partied with Ken Keasey and his Merry Pranksters; they saw their reflections on the big screen in Easy Rider, and in the pages of Hunter S. Thompson’s first book; and they effectively ended the [...]

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Hunting Hells Angles

Hunter S. Thompson has been popping up on my radar a lot lately. Not sure what’s happening in the Gonzoverse, but the good doctor keeps on pushing through the veil as of late — the streams have crossed, the aether is asunder. I just posted a link to the Gonzo Tapes and now I found [...]

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Coincidence Control Network: Episode the 19th

Rise up, morning risers… The Coincidence Control Network has taken this week off, comrades. If you missed last week’s podcast I can assure you the tentacles are still thrashing about its profanely snapping, diamond-studded beak. Episode the 19th features: Hippies and Hells Angels together again; Pell vs. Slime; virgin boy eggs in your mouth; gay [...]

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