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Maid Made Mad

It mostly doesn’t work out when novelists become film directors. At best, authors seem to make bizarre cult classics: Tom McGuane’s 92 In The Shade comes to mind, and Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive has its memorable moments of coke-fueled camp. But both pale to the high weirdness and real-life violence in Norman Mailer’s Maidstone: From [...]

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Look Now

Trying to stick to all spooky posts this month, here’s a look at one of my favorite scary films. For me, Halloween means watching chilling movies and this one is a must-see classic of visionary, supernatural horror. Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now explores the otherworldly experiences of a mother and a father grieving the loss [...]

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Burroughs: The Occult Connection

This week it was confirmed that the William Burroughs doc, Burroughs: The Movie, will be released by Criterion Collection in December. In the meantime, here’s a cool little video about Burroughs and his connections to the occult. It’s made by Imperium Pictures… Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I archive all of the videos [...]

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