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R.I.P, R.A.W.

Along with Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson can be thought of as a psychedelic messenger who took a baton from Timothy Leary before heading off on a long strange journey into consciousness expanding new realities. McKenna became the greatest spokesman an entheogen could ever dream of, but Wilson became something more like a conman sage [...]

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Losing Lennon

On December 8, 1980 John Lennon was shot dead in New York. Here’s The Day John Lennon Died… Stay Awake! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I archive all of the videos I curate at Insomnia. Click here to check out more Music posts

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Lampoon Hunter

This weekend I watched a preview screener for Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead, the new National Lampoon documentary. I really loved it and it’s required viewing for any long time fans of Saturday Night Live. American humor of the last half of the 20th century would be drastically different without the impact that the magazine had [...]

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Death of a Dungeon Master

Between the ages of about 9 and 12, I was a little more than obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons. I loved creating dungeons and DM’ing the campaigns that my brother’s character would adventure through. Learning how to manage the complex action while also marrying the player’s choices to a fantastic narrative was challenging and fun, [...]

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Adios, Hugo

Kim Monaghan and I recorded an epic episode of Coincidence Control Network today. It’ll likely go live by Thursday. During the recording Monaghan was moved to declare his love for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. The legally elected Chavez has been vilified as a mad dictator despite the fact that his political roots reach back to [...]

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