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GoNY 15

When Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York debuted in 2002, I didn’t go to see it right away, and when I finally did I remember feeling like it seemed sort of silly, and that Cameron Diaz was terrible. Diaz is still a weak link for me, but a recent article on Medium got me interested [...]

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Death of a Dungeon Master

Between the ages of about 9 and 12, I was a little more than obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons. I loved creating dungeons and DM’ing the campaigns that my brother’s character would adventure through. Learning how to manage the complex action while also marrying the player’s choices to a fantastic narrative was challenging and fun, [...]

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Pasolini: The Rebel

The film Salò is set in Fascist-occupied Italy in 1944. It tells the story of what happens when a Duke, a Bishop, a Magistrate and a President take 18 adolescent boys and girls captive and travel to a remote palace. What follows is one of the most extreme sociopolitical criticisms ever committed to film. Based [...]

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