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The Coming of the King

Many folks think of the Ed Sullivan Show when they think of The Coming of Elvis Presley. Closer to the mark, folks often remember his third appearance on the Dorsey Brothers Stage Show in March of 1956 when he sang “Heartbreak Hotel.” Presley’s national debut actually occurred on January 28 of 1956 on the same [...]

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Mystery Train at 25

It’s hard to believe, but Jim Jarmusch’s film Mystery Train debuted at Cannes 25 years ago in the spring of 1989. The first of the director’s anthology films, Mystery is also the first film Jarmusch shot in color. The film features three separate but interconnected stories about foreigners who find themselves crossing paths at the [...]

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London Calling at 35

The Clash is one of my favorite bands. Sometimes they are my favorite band — it goes back and forth. If you love the band or — at this late date — if you are new to their music, this series of short docs is a great introduction and a remembrance of one of the [...]

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