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Demanding Poetry

I like to post about spooky stuff in October, and while this won’t count as a horror story I was more than a little anxious about my Poetry On Demand shift at the Southern Festival of Books on Saturday afternoon. The SFB is the premiere literary event of the year so it was THE place [...]

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Ace of Hearts

If Elvis was a white singer who adopted a black style, Johnny Ace was a black singer and piano player who started a sensation of his own by adopting the style of the white crooners he heard on the radio. Today we remember Ace’s birthday on June 9, 1929. By the mid-50′s popular music was [...]

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Tell Me A Story

Here’s a song from my upcoming album, The Wicked. This is a performance from a few weeks back at Tavern 96 in Nashville, TN. This was the second of The Sundown Sessions organized by my pal Andrew Adkins. Andrew and Daryl Wayne Dasher have done a great job producing two superb songwriter showcases on the [...]

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Mystery Train at 25

It’s hard to believe, but Jim Jarmusch’s film Mystery Train debuted at Cannes 25 years ago in the spring of 1989. The first of the director’s anthology films, Mystery is also the first film Jarmusch shot in color. The film features three separate but interconnected stories about foreigners who find themselves crossing paths at the [...]

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