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Hey Joe Strummer

Over the holiday I missed out on posting about the 14th anniversary of Joe Strummer’s death from an un-diagnosed congenital heart defect on December 22, 2002. I celebrated The Clash’s 30th birthday with a slew of posts this last summer and I wanted to revisit this Joe-centric notice to recognize his passing last week. Here’s [...]

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Kamikaze Clash

One last Clash post to finish off the week and to remind readers that I’ll be on Edward Brinson’s Eigthties/Schmeighties show on WXNA radio in Nashville today to celebrate Joe Strummer’s birthday. We’ll hit the air this morning at 11 AM Central Time. Tune in here, and enjoy a fun look back at Joe and [...]

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The Clash Get Rude

Here’s yet another post looking back on the breakup of The Clash 30 years ago in 1986. Although bands like The Police and the Rolling Stones experimented with bringing reggae sounds to rock, The Clash did it better than most covering classics like “Pressure Drop” and creating classics of their own like “Rudie Can’t Fail.” [...]

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Punk Rock Future Shock

With my recent posts looking back on The Clash I’m reminded of all the ways that punk rock influenced the scenes that followed it. Even if the aesthetics we associate with punk music come and go, many of the ethical ideas that punk celebrated and the DIY productivity it inspired have fueled “independent” movements in [...]

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Scrutinizing SANDINISTA!

Today I want to take another look back at The Clash as we continue our remembrance of the band 30 years after their breakup in 1986. Check recent posts for commentaries and documentaries about Joe Strummer; the band’s eponymous debut; and their masterpiece, London Calling. This post jumps ahead to the band’s fourth release, a [...]

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The Clash’s Last Testament

The Clash’s eponymous first album was a classic that didn’t get released in America until after their second album was released here. Give ‘em Enough Rope is generally considered a slick, American produced sophomore jinx of an album, but I’ll be posting about that soon. The band loses their manager and heads back to London, [...]

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Coming of The Clash

Another post about The Clash, this one goes all the way back to the band’s eponymous first album. It was released in the UK in 1977 but actually followed the band’s second album, Give ‘Em Enough Rope, in America. The album helped to define the punk songbook with tunes like “White Riot,” “Janie Jones,” “London’s [...]

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Clash Craps Out

So I’ve been posting a lot about The Clash lately as we look back at the end of that band, 30 years ago in 1986. I’ve been asked to celebrate Joe Strummer’s birthday in August on WXNA’s Eighties/Schmeities show, hosted by Edward Brinson. Joe’s special day is August 21. We’ll commemorate Joe on August 19 [...]

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Joe’s Jams

Here’s another post celebrating The Clash at 30: Viva Joe Strummer – The Clash and Beyond documents the British rocker’s childhood as as diplomat’s son, his rock ‘n’ roll initiation with The 101ers, his storied history with The Clash to Strummer’s overlooked later career music which was cut short by his untimely death in 2002. [...]

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Clash Crash ’86

This year we mark the anniversary of the death of The Clash — they fired Mick Jones in 1983, but The Clash was still a thing until 1986. Thirty years later I’m planning a number of Clash-related posts in the months to come. The Clash are always in the running when I consider favorite bands [...]

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