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Saint of Monsters

Casting about for a timely subject for today’s post, I learned a little something about one of the world’s most famous monsters. It turns out that one of the earliest reports of a creature living in Scotland’s Loch Ness originated from a sighting of the beast by a priest who’d go on to become a [...]

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Wild Horses

I already posted about Patti Smith’s debut album, Horses, turning 40 this year. I noted that I hadn’t seen much news about it, but notices have recently started popping up, and I’m glad to see that the year won’t pass without more light being held up to this seminal song cycle which begins with the [...]

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John & Yoko TV Movie

Five years after his assassination, this made-for-television drama tells the story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I wasn’t aware of John and Yoko a Love Story before my girlfriend discovered it online, but it’s definitely worth watching. The 1985 flick picks up at the height of the fallout of John’s comments about The Beatles [...]

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