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Saint of Monsters

Casting about for a timely subject for today’s post, I learned a little something about one of the world’s most famous monsters. It turns out that one of the earliest reports of a creature living in Scotland’s Loch Ness originated from a sighting of the beast by a priest who’d go on to become a [...]

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Googling the Loch Ness Monster

Ever wish you could go on a real-life monster hunt for the legendary Nessie? Now Google Maps offers the next best thing with their immersive mapping of the legendary Scottish loch. Search for yourself and see if you can be the person to unlock the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. In honor of this [...]

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Oswald: Patsy

The television show In Search Of is a strange little chestnut from my childhood. I knew the show’s host, Leonard Nimoy from his turn as “Spock” in Star Trek repeats, and In Search Of’s focus on unexplained phenomena, missing persons and extraterrestrial encounters was right on target for a kid who already loved Sci-Fi. I [...]

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