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Vintage John Lennon Cartoon

Recently, I was browsing through stories via Flipboard and I came across this delightful piece about a vintage animated short film based on John Lennon’s instantly recognizable cartoon doodles. Here’s a bit from the Brain Pickings site… …six years after the beloved Beatle‚Äôs assassination, Ono commissioned independent animator John Canemaker to create a short animated [...]

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John & Yoko TV Movie

Five years after his assassination, this made-for-television drama tells the story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I wasn’t aware of John and Yoko a Love Story before my girlfriend discovered it online, but it’s definitely worth watching. The 1985 flick picks up at the height of the fallout of John’s comments about The Beatles [...]

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Peter Watkins’ Unreal Realities

British filmmaker Peter Watkins is a docudrama pioneer who has combined documentary and dramatic cinematic techniques to deconstruct historic events and cultural trends. A pacifist and a radical, Watkins’ best work examines media in general and film in particular to ask questions about the relationships between media and audiences. A powerful and provocative filmmaker, Watkins’ [...]

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John Lennon's Close Encounter

The first single from John Lennon’s posthumously released 1984 album Milk and Honey, “Nobody Told Me” is a great little tune that contains a very interesting line. Produced by John and Yoko, the record – and especially this single with it’s retro vocal echo effects – reminds me of Lennon’s best work with Phil Spector, [...]

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