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Sharp New Blade

I saw a media screening of Blade Runner 2049 on Monday night. Just so you know, it’s a very good addition to the Blade Runner universe that connects to the first film as well as one might ever expect. It differs from the Ridley Scott film in that it’s less of a pulp noir (especially [...]

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Blade to Black

So the very first reviews about Bladerunner 2049 have already started leaking. People are already talking “masterpiece” and “Oscar worthy.” As I mentioned in a recent post, I’m super stoked for this movie and I really do hope it’s a masterpiece. While the raving leaks have me mostly just anxious about the film, this new [...]

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Dick’s Debut

65 years ago, in 1952, Philip K. Dick published his very first short story, “Roog,” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. In the year 2017 we’re only a few weeks from the premiere of the Blade Runner sequel, and our actual world seems more and more Phildickian every single day. Read more about [...]

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Behind Blade 2049

If you’re looking forward to seeing Blade Runner 2049 as much as I am you’re going to want to see this new featurette about the film. It features comments from the filmmakers about the movie along with new footage that’s mildly NSFW. Also, in case you’re just catching up, here’s the basic gist of this [...]

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Year of the Blade

Today I came across an RT article where Slovenian philospher Slavov Zizek outlines his conviction that as humans and machines merge, people will lose their individual freedom. Here are some words… “The fact that is what possible to break into, to hack a computer through a DNA, means that our identity, determined by DNA is [...]

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Remembering The Wall

1982 was an amazing year for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films: E.T., Conan the Barbarian, Blade Runner, Creepshow, The Thing, Poltergeist, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Tron, and The Dark Crystal all debuted that year. Another 1982 movie that was full of fantastic elements as well as fantastic music was Pink Floyd — [...]

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Dangerous Doc

A few weeks ago I shared an old Insomnia post to my social media networks for From the Archives Friday — it was a notice celebrating the birthday/inception date of Roy Batty, the leader of the renegade replicants in the original Blade Runner film. Batty’s inception date on January 8, 2016 takes on special importance [...]

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A Candle In the Rain

On Friday we observed the birthday of Roy Batty. What I’m trying to say is that we observed the “inception date” of Roy Batty — the poet laureate of the replicants in the film, Blade Runner.

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R.I.P., P.K.D.

This week, I’m remembering Philip K. Dick who died after a series of strokes on March 2, 1982. I first read A Scanner Darkly in the early 1990′s. The book was written in 1977, but it takes place in the early 1990′s and I was dumbfounded at how Dick had predicted slacker culture nearly two [...]

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Death of the Kung Fu King

It’s difficult to over-estimate the impact that Run Run Shaw and his invention of the kung-fu film genre have had on action films specifically and on world cinema in general. I heard on the radio this morning that Mr. Shaw has left the Earth for that big movie palace in the sky. Here’s The New [...]

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