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New Wave Michigan Cannibals

Antonia recently turned me on to Cecelia Condit’s amazing New Wave cannibal opera from 1983. Here’s some information I found at Metro Times about Possibly in Michigan … Possibly In Michigan is an operatic fairytale about cannibalism in Middle America. A masked man stalks a woman through a shopping mall and follows her home. In [...]

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Legend Falls

I was taken by surprise over the weekend by the news of the death of Jim Harrison. Harrison was a Michigan literary legend whose poetry and championing of the novella form won him wide, high praise. Harrison’s Legends of the Fall was his best known work, earning big screen treatment with a script by Harrison [...]

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Dylan (Re)Discovered

One of the most interesting things about Bob Dylan is how many Bobs Dylan there have been: folk-Guthrie-Dylan, folk-Jack-Elliot-Dylan, Dylan Thomas-Dylan, Rimbaud-Dylan, St. August…Dylan, Bobby Cash…Dylan has evolved through more musical influences and personas than anyone other than Bowie. One of the only artists that comes to mind when discussing Dylan is Picasso — nobody [...]

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Remembering Elvin Jones

Elvin Jones was a proud son of Pontiac, Michigan and one of my favorite jazz drummers of all time. Jones’ pioneering polyrhythmic style paired with his hard-hitting, aggressive playing made him one of the most recognizable and innovative drummers of the post-bop era. Here’s a word about this documentary which tells the story of the [...]

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Urbex Art: Detroit

I lived in the City of Detroit, MI for the first decade of my life and I stayed in southern Michigan until I left for the South in the early 1990′s. Detroit has had a bad reputation for one reason or another my whole life, but I’ve always had the love for that place that [...]

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