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Sharp New Blade

I saw a media screening of Blade Runner 2049 on Monday night. Just so you know, it’s a very good addition to the Blade Runner universe that connects to the first film as well as one might ever expect. It differs from the Ridley Scott film in that it’s less of a pulp noir (especially [...]

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30 Years of Legend

Most readers of this blog probably love Ridley Scott for his classic science fiction films: Alien and Blade Runner are so good their appeal transcends the genre and the films continue to influence the way that directors envision the future. Even in lesser-known movies like The Duellists, Black Rain and Kingdom of Heaven, Scott demonstrates [...]

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When they report this weekend’s box office receipts, I’m sure I’ll be among a throng of folks who went to the theater this weekend to see Ridley Scott’s new Alien-prequel-of-a-kind Prometheus. No spoilers, no in-depth autopsy, I’d just like to share a few strengths and weaknesses I took away from the film. On the plus [...]

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