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The Sleepless Book Club – The Legacy of Alan Lomax

If you’ve heard any of my music, you’ve heard my love of folk music. My mother and father were not music lovers, but their tiny record collection included a country album (Marty Robbins’ Gunsfighter Ballads) an RnB masterpiece (Ray Charles’ What’d I Say) and a folk record (Peter, Paul and Mary Live) that included “Blowin’ [...]

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After Party: Author Offers Up Second Take on Post-Punk

Hello Comrades, Our friends at Soft Skull sent this book to us while Insomnia was still transitioning to WordPress. This great read came out about 3 weeks ago, but it was such a blast we wanted to include it in our Sleepless Book Club write-ups. Simon Reynold’s acclaimed first volume of post-punk memory sifting – [...]

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The Sleepless Film Festival Presents: Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man

Happy day, day-trippers. We were up late again last night, but were pleased to wake up early enough to enjoy a lovely day in The Old South. After weeks of particularly brutal summer weather, Nashville is experiencing an unlikely respite with temps in the high 80′s and flagging spirits on the rise. This weekend my [...]

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