Life with Keith Richards

Inside the dust jacket of his new book, Keith Richards has left an inscription: “This is the Life. Believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten any of it. Thanks and praises, Keith Richards” Perhaps the most highly-anticipated rock autobiography ever, Life is the most detailed account we have yet of the life of the legendary [...]

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London Calling Again

The image of Paul Simonon smashing his bass on the cover of The Clash’s London Calling is one of the most iconic images in all of rock ‘n’ roll. While you can’t always judge a record by its cover, in this case, you can. London Calling is a great collection in a great looking package, [...]

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Greil Marcus on Bob Dylan

In this brand new book, America’s greatest music writer pulls together a career-worth of commentary about America’s greatest songwriter. With Bob Dylan, Greil Marcus offers up insights and criticisms, notions and associations about pop music’s greatest singer/songwriter. Perhaps no writer is as closely associated with a musical artist as Marcus is with Dylan and this [...]

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Johnny Ramone Wants You!

Check out this fun, new animation from the Johnny Ramone Army! Also, check out the third installment of the BBC’s Seven Ages of Rock. This chapter is entitled “The Blank Generation” and it covers the punk revolution on both sides of the Atlantic. We’re particularly taken with the great Patti Smith footage that starts at [...]

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After Party: Author Offers Up Second Take on Post-Punk

Hello Comrades, Our friends at Soft Skull sent this book to us while Insomnia was still transitioning to WordPress. This great read came out about 3 weeks ago, but it was such a blast we wanted to include it in our Sleepless Book Club write-ups. Simon Reynold’s acclaimed first volume of post-punk memory sifting – [...]

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The First to Know

What up? Just a quick word and a promise-keeping on my last post. Here is the brand new short film The First to Know. Directed by Chris Rubin de la Borbolla, this enigmatic video stars Jen Rieger as Anna Karina as the Mystery Girl. Where is she going? What is she saying? Who is the [...]

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Love You Deerly

God bless us every one, What, and What Up? Here we go again – up the down ramp, in the out door, showing our faces without an invite. Might as well pour a drink and hit the buffet, we’re here now… So I woke up from disturbing dreams last night. I had been wandering through [...]

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