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This is a review of a documentary feature called Nightcrawlers. The movie makes its world premiere at the Defy Film Festival in Nashville, TN this weekend. This review originally appeared in print in The Contributor. In the opening scene of Nightcrawlers, a young man sits cross-legged on a bathroom floor. He glances at the camera [...]

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Sunshine Supermen

I just watched the The Sunshine Makers documentary. The 2015 flick tells the story of two idealistic young men in the 1960′s. The pair couldn’t be more different, but they both shared a common goal: to manufacture and distribute a massive amount of LSD, thoroughly convinced that the insights provided by the drug would create [...]

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Kinski’s Beast

I saw a preview screening of Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast film based on their classic 1991 animated adaptation of the 18th century fairy tale. Fans of the Disney cartoon will find a lot to like here. It’s not as good or as groundbreaking as the animated movie, but it does justice to [...]

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Back to 2001

In the midst of all the recent Back To The Future hoopla I had an opportunity to publish a review about the franchise, and to have my old friend Ron “The Chron” point out one of the most fascinating conspiracy theories I’ve discovered in some time. First, here’s a review that originally appeared in The [...]

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Welcome To Leith

Welcome to Leith will screen in Nashville at Lipscomb University’s Shamblin Theatre, tonight at 6:30 P.M. The documentary tells the story of a group white supremacists who attempt to take over a small, North Dakota town to create a racist utopia. The flick wowed at Sundance before screening at the Nashville Film Festival. I previewed [...]

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Texas Chainsaw Videogame

Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre will be screening Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and hosting a reunion of the film’s cast for this Saturday night’s midnight movie. I’m reviewing the flick for this week’s edition of The Contributor which hits the streets today. If you’re in Nashville, be sure to grab a copy and say hello to your [...]

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Nashville Film Festival Part II

The following post includes reviews of three documentaries I screened before this year’s Nashville Film Festival. All three films are social issue documentaries that I wrote up in Nashville’s street newspaper, The Contributor. For non-locals the street paper is written and sold by Nashville’s homeless community and includes selections from freelancers like myself as well [...]

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Photographer Mark Hogancamp finds shelter in Marwencol

Lately, I’ve been pleased to contribute to Nashville’s street newspaper. The Contributor is published by our homeless and formerly-homeless community. Although these projects exist in many different cities, The Contributor has quickly established itself as the biggest street newspaper in the country. A film recently screened at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville quickly garnered a [...]

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